Three Kings July 1939 Protectorate of Bohemia
    (German Occupied Czechoslovakia)

August 1939

The French "Super Liner" SS NORMANDIE
Tomes of Warsaw

September 1939

Warsaw, Poland
Cold Harvest

October 1939

Karelia SSR, Then Eastern Finland
Weser's Flow

April 1940

Copenhangen, Denmark... then

Narvik, Norway

Mid Night in Paris

April 1940

Paris, France
Heroes of the Sea

May to June 1940

Messgen Belgium to Dunkirk, France
Tails in two Bunkers June 1940  France & Belgium
Star Fish June to July 1940 Clemens Park Estate in Edenbridge, Kent UK
Sea Lion July to August 1940 Canterbury, Kent UK
Ikarus November 1940 Eyjallajokull, Iceland
Felix January 1941 Gibraltar
Herkules March 1941 Malta
Sunflower April 1941 Egypt
Scorpion June 1941 Egypt
Scarab July 1941 Tanis, Egypt
Sphinx July 1941 Pyramid of Nyarlathotep, Tanis, Egypt
Snake July 1941 Pyramid of Nyarlathotep, Tanis, Egypt
A Precious Jewel September 1941 Bombay, India
A Tower in London: SS-GB October 1941 London, British Union of Fascists
Soviet Sky Furnace Moskva CCCP November 1941 MOSKVA CCCP
Castle of Chaos December 1941 Castle Wolfenstein Germany
Queen of the Pacific January 1942 Manila, Luzon, Philippines
Drum Beats February 1942 Caribbean Sea
Dream Lands February to March  1942 Cerenarian  Sea, Dream Lands
Rubber March  1942 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Orient April  1942 Madagascar
Code of Honor May  1942 Istanbul, Turkey
Alacrity June  1942 Azores Islands, Atlantic Ocean
MI [3] Submarines June  1942 Midway Islands, Pacific Ocean
Puma June  1942 Diego Garcia, Indian Ocean
Red Storm in Brody SSR June  1942 Brody, Ukraine SSR, Soviet Union
WE and the Werewolves July  1942 Smolensk, Belarus, SSR, Soviet Union
Plague Fortress August to September  1942 Tallin, Estonia, SSR, Soviet Union
Operation Torch October to November  1942 Western Europe  and North West Africa
Darklore Manor October to November  1942 Northern West England
Operation Typhoon January  1943 Moscow, Russia, SSR, Soviet Union
Trellborg Monstrosities March  1943 Trellborg, Finland
Crisis Convoy HXS-13 April to May  1943 Mid North  Atlantic Ocean
The Citadel July  1943 Kursk, Soviet Union
Operation Watchtower August  1943 Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, Pacific Ocean
Azid Hind October  1943 India
Pan's Labyrinth November  1943 Spain
Cold Harbor December  1943 Murmansk, Soviet Union
Son of the Light Bringer March  1944 Tarmagant Island, Scottish Hebrides Islands, Atlantic Ocean
Snorkel Blitz May  1944  Atlantic Ocean
A Trip to France June  1944 Normandy, France
High Roads August  1944 Paris, France

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