Privateers and Gentlemen

Napoleon's Crescendo

The Armies 
1812 Napoleon's Crescendo  so far... 
(The Last 6 Game Months: October 2017 to)
The Navies 
 Battle of Tui Spain

The Players

 Armada Espanola Mino Vs HMS Mino

  The Background  Navales Franšaises Imperial Acheron Vs HMS Mino
  The Campaign Rules  USS Constitution Vs HMS Guerriere
     Havana Break Out
     Chase of the USS Constitution
     Chase of the NFI Donawerth
     USS President Vs HMS Belvidera
     USS Constitution Vs HMS Java
     USS Essex Vs HMS Minerva
     First Action off Sandy Hook
     USS United States Vs HMS Macedonian
     Adriatic 1812
     Second Action off Sandy Hook
     USS Chesapeake Vs HMS Shannon
     Battle of Lake Erie
    Pellew's  Action off Toulon
     Charybdis & Scyilla One
     Charybdis & Scyilla TWO
     Boston Blockade 1813
    Cape Verde Islands Jan 1814
    A Majestic Battle Jan 1814
     Flight of the Uranie Feb 1814





The 1812 Napoleon's Crescendo War Game Campaign set in the 
1812 to 1815 period  using Black Powder, Blucher, Close Action, Privateers & Gentlemen,  Wood Ships and Iron Men and a number of other  game systems.

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