VPs Gained Player Name Character Name Ships VS Player Name Character Name Ships VPs Gained
50 Jim Mead Sir Thurston Howl the 1st HMS Canada  74 gun Ship of the Line   Rick Wiegand   Navales Franšaises Imperial L'Imperial  120 gun Ship of the Line 34


Derik Will Sir Archebald Archabald Ratcatcher the2nd HMS Superb  74 gun  Ship of the Line      


Panama  64 gun     

Ship  of  the Line


      HMS Indefatigable  44 gun  Frigate   Dave Gorsline Jack Jones USS  President 44 gun Frigate 34


Boston Blockade

Fish Bowl Duel Squadron Action

The Action of 24th December 1813 off Boston Harbour 


Sea State: 2

Wind Speed Change: Gusty

Wind Direction Change: Coastal


Played: October 24th  2019 at Rick's
Out Come: A tactical Drawn but a British Minor Victory: They maintained the Blockade.

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