VPs Gained Player Name Character Name Ships (105Vp) VS Player Name Character Name Ships (116Vp) VPs Gained
23 John Mead Jean Barre' Navales Françaises Imperial Rivoli 74 gun Ship of the Line (73vp)   Jim Mead James Richardson HMS Victorious  74 gun Ship of the Line (92vp) 81
      Iena' 16 gun Italian Brig (12Vp) Captured       HMS Weazle  18 gun Brig (24Vp)  
      Mercure' 16 gun Italian Brig (10Vp) Sank          
      Mamelouck 8 gun Italian Brig (6Vp)          
      IGB1  Italian GunBoat (4Vp)          
      IGB2  Italian GunBoat (4Vp)          


Battle for the Adriatic Sea 1813

Fish Bowl Duel for control of the Adriatic

The Action of 22nd February 1813 off Pirano in the Adriatic 

Rivoli departed Venice on 21 February 1812 under the command of Commodore Jean-Baptiste Barré, accompanied

by five smaller escort ships, the 16-gun brigs Mercurio and Eridano, of the navy of the Kingdom of Italy,

the 8-gun brig Mamelouck and two small gunboats. HMS Victorious spotted one of the French brigs at 15:00 and engaged.


Sea State: 3

Wind Speed Change: Gusty

Wind Direction Change: Coastal


Played: October 13th  2019 on ROLL20
Out Come: A long BUT Decisive tactical and Strategic Victory for the British.

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