VPs Gained Player Name Character Name Ships VS Player Name Character Name Ships VPs Gained
24 Dave Gorsline Jack Jones NFI Donawerth 80 gun Ship of the Line   Rick Wiegand Sir Vivian Smith Smythe-Smith HMS Shannon 38 gun Frigate 11
          Jim Mead James Richardson

HMS Guerriere 38 gun Frigate



Chase of the Navales Franšaises Imperial Donawerth : July 1812


            After escaping the blockade at Havan Cuba, the Navales Franšaises Imperial Donawerth attempts to make its way up to New York City harbor in July  1812.

A British Squadron of the North American Station of two frigates sights her and tries to capture her in the foggy doldrums of a late summer evening off the coast of Long Island.


Sea State: 1

Wind Speed Change: Steady

Wind Direction Change: Coastal


Floating Map: Centered on the Navales Franšaises Imperial Donawerth

British ships that fall off the map before the end of the game are considered disengaged.

Darkness Falling:

On turn one visibility is 30. Visibility drops hex per turn until turn until it is a range of 6 at turn 25.

Anchor Kedge Small Boat Towing:

When the wind state is at zero, ships can be towed by their small boats. This can be farther enhanced by the use of the ships anchor being dropped by the small boast and the ships' crew hauling it in.

      Proceedure: A ship may assign existing crew sections to the "Small Boats" same as if they were forming boarding parties. Place a "Small boat Chit" on the board for each crew section assigned to this task. Small boats have a speed of four when not towing and a maximum speed of the Ship Class it is towing when doing doing so.

Small boats must stay within 4 hexes to tow a ship.

Using Anchor Kedge: An anchor (most ships had two) is assigned to a small boat unit. The towed ship must assign one crew section to "Line Hauling :LH". The small boat can then drop the anchor to a maximum of 6 hexes away and instead of towing the ship that turn the ship may simply "haul in the anchor" to the point of drop. The ship must then decide if they want to haul up the anchor or cut the cable. If anchor is retrieved the anchor maybe assigned to a new small boat unit and sent out again.

Small Boasts as targets: Small boats maybe fired on. All rigging hits are ignored. All other hits are Crew hits. Once the crew section is destroyed, so is the Small Boat unit.

Session victory points awarded as follows:  

Percentage of

 ship ship Value


Victory Condition



Ship Captured


Ship Destroyed/Struck




Engaging for at least 5 turns (British Ships only)

12VPs NFI Donawerth escapes to the South



Played: November 13th  2017 at Rick's House
Out Come: Navales Franšaises Imperial Donawerth escaped

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