PC# Player Name Character Name Nation Current Command  Rank  VPs
1 Jim Mead James Gardener America USS  Niagara 20 gun Brig (36vp) on Lake Erie Fleet Commodore 338
2 Dave Gorsline Jack Jones America USS  President 44 gun Frigate Senior Commodore 229
3 Jim Mead James Richardson Britain HMS Victorious 74 gun (Promoted to Rear Admiral) Rear Admiral 213
4 Rick Wiegand Sir Vivian Smith Smythe-Smith Britain HMS Queen  98L gun Ship of the Line [Needs another victory before he can be promoted] Captain 148
5 Dave Gorsline Viscount  Victor DaCrerre' France


Navales Franšaises Imperial Wagram  120 gun

Ship  of the Line


Commodore 131
6 Derik Will Sir Archebald Archabald Ratcatcher Britain HMS Superb 74 gun Ship of the the Line (Promoted) Commodore 121
7 Rick Wiegand Horatio Jones Burger America USS  Constellation 38 gun Frigate Commodore 118
8 Jim Mead Sir Thurston Howl the 1st Britain HMS Canada 74 gun Ship of the the Line (Promoted) Commodore 116
9 Derik Will Robert Ross America USS  United States 44 gun Frigate Commodore 107
10 Dave Gorsline Don Juan Genoa Spain Armada Espanola Mino 64 gun Ship of the Line Commodore 100
11 John Mead John "Black" Bartholomew Britain Awaiting prisoner exchange Captain 92
12 Mike Kilker Will Ferris Britain HMS Minerva 32 gun Frigate Captain 85
13 Jim Mead Serge' de Francois France  

Navales Franšaises Imperial Donawerth  80 gun

Ship  of the Line


Captain 70
14 Dave Gorsline William Wittaker Britain HMS Africa 64 gun Ship of the the Line Captain 58
15 Rick Wiegand  Hernando Montego'Bay Spain Armada Espanola Real Familia 136 gun Ship  of the Line Captain 55
16 Jeroen Koopamn Jeroen  Allemande' France Navales Franšaises Imperial Acheron 44 gun Frigate Captain 53
17 John Mead John Carden Britain HMS Shannon 38 gun Frigate Captain 40
18 Rick Wiegand   France  

Navales Franšaises Imperial L' Imperial 120 gun

 Ship  of the Line


Captain 34
19 John Mead Jean Barre' France Awaiting prisoner exchange (Demoted to Captain) Captain 23
20 Derik Will  Sir Archebald Archabald Ratcatcher the2nd Britain Royal High Lander's Ratcatcher Brigade Lt General 12
21 Jim Mead Marshal de Sade' France 12th Young Guard Corp Vice General 12

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