Chapter Date Location
Temple of Bahamut to the Genoese Island of Chios May 25th 1453AD The Genoese Island of Chios
Constantinople, a city under siege May 26th to 27th Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine Empire
Two Baroque Ghouls& the Empress May 27th to 28th Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine Empire
The last day of Constantinople May 29th Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine Empire
Genoa and the Tarrasque June 17th City State of Genoa, Italy
Vatican and its Demon June 19th Vatican City, Ruins of Rome, Italy
The Last Defender of Camelot July 5th to 27th Britain
Iberian Game of Thrones August 12th to 14th Spain
The House of Dragons August 16th to 17th  Ceuta, North Africa
Empires of the Dying Sun October 1st  to 4th South KAB (South America)
The Bloody Moon of the CHIMU October 5th to December 30th South KAB (South America)
The Aztec City of Tenochtitlan December 30th 1453 Tenochtitlan, North KAB (North America)
The Ochimo: The Spirit Warrior February 6th to

March 9th 1454AD

Akira Island, Pacific Ocean
The Dragons Five Rings March 23rd to 24th JAPAN
Trisss, Flying Fortress of  TIAMAT March 24th 1454AD PLANE of AETHER

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