The War of 1821

The Premise

The Players
The Maps


Jim's War of 1821 Campaign so far...
1822 The Bahamas (The Last  7  Sessions)

The 1822 Ships

The September 1821 Hurricane Truce

The Rules and Objectives

The 1822 Ship Stats


Rules of Engagement

Patrol & Blockade
Turn One: October to December 1821 Turn Two: January 1822 The Navigation Chart
Turn Three: February 1822 Turn Four: March 1822 The Conquest Chart
Turn Five: April 1822
Turn Six: May 1822
Turn Seven: June 1822

Bahamas 1822 of the War of 1821 is a Privateers and Gentlemen / Wooden Ships and Iron Men campaign set in an alternate 
1820s Bahamas.

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