The War of 1821


War of 1821 WS&IM Movement Rules, Patrol and Blockade zones:

Patrol / Blockade battles occur outside of ports and are similar to Open Ocean battles, with a few exceptions.

WIND: It will always be either directing IN or directly OUT depending on the objective of the attacking players.

Example; If there are two groups of players attacking a port, the wind will be towards the port. IF one side is attempting a Blockade and the other is attempting a Break out, or Run the Blockade, then the wind is directly out from the port.


ATTACKING A PORT: If the players are both attempting to attack the same port, the Map will have to float in the direction of the Port ONLY. The Map will be 100 hexes from port. If Both sides decided they would rather chases each other around the open seas, THEN the battle becomes an OPEN Seas battle and the map can float in any direction BUT the Port battle is CANCELLED for that turn. Other wise the map will only float towards the Port being attacked. Ships that "fall off the map" will be considered disengaged and will be done for that turn and unable to attack the Port in question that turn.


BLOCKADE RUNNING: If a side to attempting to run the Blockade of their port by the opposing sides, the Map can float in any direction Except towards the  the Port . If the "Running Side" is forced to leave the map on the side of the map facing the port, that ship is considered to have returned to port and  will be considered  disengaged and unable to do any other actions that turn. IF the "Running" side escapes off any other side of the floating map, they may continue on to their destination and participate in battles there that turn.





Examples of Wooden Ships and Iron Men Speed numbers. Speed numbers are from 1 to 4.

This is a Speed Number ONE ship. They are usually 1st and 2nd rates carrying between 98 and 130 guns

This is a Speed Number Two ship. They are usually 2nd through 4th rates carrying between 50 and 90 guns
This is a Speed Number Three ship. They are usually Frigates 4th through 5th rates carrying between 32 and 60 guns
This is a Speed Number Four ship. They are FAST Frigates 4th through 5th rates carrying between 32 and 44 guns. The only FAST Frigates in this campaign are the American Frigates of the Constitution class and smaller.



Ship Sailing Speeds in Wooden Ships and Iron Men

This is the Speeds for ships in BATTLE SAIL
This is the Speeds for ships in FULL SAIL


War of 1821 is a Privateers and Gentlemen / Iron Ships & Wooden Men campaign set in an alternate 
1820s Caribbean Sea around the Bahamas.

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