The War of 1821

War of 1821, 1822 Rules & Objectives

            1.   Control all your Objective ports in the Bahamas. 1 point per objective Port.

2.   Wipe out the Pirates. The Nation that sinks the most Pirate points gets 1 point.

The Alliance with the most pts at the end of the campaign Wins.

21 Ports with the following Maximum Draft

6 Deep.                  26feet

7 Moderate.             22feet

8 Shallow.               18feet

Objective Ports: Each nation needs a specific

2 Deep 2 Moderate, and 2 Shallow ports


Note: IF you lose all your ships OR lose all your controlled ports your out of the Game! Most battles will be in or around ports.

A few will be in the open seas. Port battles will be “fishbowl” battles. Open sea battles will be “open maps”.

PORTS: There are 21 Ports in the game.

FORTS: There is only one in the game and it is in Nassau.

Its Long range column is  7-30 , Firepower is 4. Crew Quality is AV, and it has a +2 for Elevation

It can fire Hot Shot to range 5.

Open Seas areas: There are 4;  the Atlantic Ocean, Great Bahama Bank, Old Bahamas Channel, and the Florida Strait. Depth of Draft in Open Sea areas is unlimited.

GAME LENGTH: Each turn, (Except for turn One) is a Month. The game will last 7 turns.

Victory Conditions: The Alliance with the most Objective Points at the end of Turn 7 Wins

SHIPS: Each turn each alliance assigns their ships to ports or sea areas. You can only assign ships to ports with the appropriate drafts.  You can Assign ships to Blockade/Patrol  outside ports. Depth of Draft outside ports is unlimited.

TURN ONE: The set up turn. Alliances assigns their ships to one of their nation's 3 starting Ports, OR to one of the four possible set battles for turn one.  Turn two will be played in standard fashion.


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