VPs Gained Player Name Character Name Ships VS Player Name Character Name Ships VPs Gained
69 Dave Gorsline Jack Jones USS President 44gun Frigate   Derik Will Sir Archebald Archabald Ratcatcher HMS Indefatigable  44 gun Razee Frigate CAPTURED 6
70 Rick Wiegand Horatio Jones Burger USS Constellation 38gun Frigate       HMS Shannon  38 gun Frigate  
      USS Essex 32gun Frigate   Jim Mead Sir Thurston Howl the 1st HMS Euryalus  36 gun  Frigate 5
      USS Adams 28gun Frigate       HMS Fama 32Lf gun Frigate CAPTURED  

 Fish Bowl Squadron Duel Off Sand Hook

Sandy Hook 1812

Sandy Hook New Jersey was the site of several naval skirmishes between 1812 and 1815. 

Control of this area was vital to the blockade of the NYC and the Lower New York Bay.


Sea State: 1 (Light Wind)

Wind Speed Change: Gusty

Wind Direction Change: Coastal


Played: February 5th  2018 at Rick's
Out Come: An American Victory. The Blockade of New York City's Lower Harbor is temporarily lifted.

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