AWAKENING ON ELAADEN MARCH 20TH 2819  (4/11/2017 Session)

After being placed in Stasis in November 2185 on the Nexus in orbit of Thesisia, they awaken to paralyzing nausea that only would feels like a few moments later. They are completely paralyzed as they lay in there newly opened pods as hot dusty air blows into the medical container their pods appears to here been moved into.
Two human males seem to be arguing over payment. One is wearing armor with a familiar logo on it. The other, in a dirty T Shirt and cargo pants. The man in armor tells the man in the T shirt he is about to be paid in full, as the T-shirted man pulls a veron out of one of the Stasis pods and says "what do we have here?"

"I assure you Dr. Philips are are about to get what's owed you ," The armored man says as moves up behind the seemingly distracted T-shirted Dr. Philips . The Armored man pulls out a M-3 Predator pistol.

The man in armor never gets to use it. The good "Doctor" spins around and slides his flash formed Omni Blade right through the Armored man's left eye.

Dr. Phillips then picks up the armored mans M8 Avenger AR and goes through the door "Outside." there is more dust and hot air. And there is the noise of short sharp bursts of gun fire.

Dr. Phillips returns dragging another armored human, this one a woman. He drops two M8 Avengers on the floor of the Medical container, picks up the M3 and the paralysis veron and leaves. The pod mates hear the whine of a M44 Hammerhead taking off and then there is silence.

After the nausea wears off; several hours later, the Pod mates discover they are in an abandoned medical container that was dropped in the middle of one of Elaaden's many, many deserts. The containers VI gives them some of the basics which included  the Year & Date : March 20th 2819. Their Location : Elaaden in the Zaubray star system of the Helios Cluster of the Andromeda galaxy. The Turian in the group, who is the first to revive from the Stasis nausea salvages some Medi gel and Omni gel from the container an then, using his Desert survival training  distills the dead humans for their water using the omni gel.

The Pod mates make introductions. The Krogan, WRUK, is upset that

Dr. Phypills stole her pet veron Dipper . Her Asari bond mate, Thellaria  is also upset because she recognizes the logo on the armor the two humans were wearing. "How did they get past the Initiative's screening? she asks. The Human Julli Bowman and the Turian, Voitan take stock of what they have, then send out a distress signal.


Onmi Gel

Medi Gel

Two sets of Ai Spearhead Armor

Two M8 Avenger MkI ARs

After several hours their distress signal is finally heard by the Krogan at New Tuchanka. A shuttle from there arrives and the party is saved . The party is allowed to stay the night in the commons and then must hitch a ride to Liberty City in the morning....




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