VPs Gained Player Name Character Name British Ships & Fortifications VS Player Name Character Name Ships VPs Gained
21 Rick Wiegand Sir Vivian Smith Smythe-Smith Gloucester Point Battery of 74 guns Jim Mead James Gardener American Squadron 133
  CAPTURED America 64 gun Ship of the Line America 74 gun Ship of the Line (Coppered)      
  CAPTURED Rational 44 gun Ship of the Line South Carolina 40 gun Frigate CAPTURED    
  CAPTURED Liara 38 gun Frigate Alliance  36 gun Frigate (Coppered)      
  CAPTURED Active 32 gun Frigate Hague 32 gun Frigate      
  CAPTURED 800ton Freighter Bounty Atlanta 26 gun Frigate (Coppered)      
  CAPTURED 800ton Freighter Black Ball George Washington 26 gun Frigate CAPTURED    
21 Derik Wills Sir Archebald Archabald Ratcatcher Yorktown Battery of 74 guns Dave  Grosline Viscount  Louis Victor Daperre' French Squadron 137
  CAPTURED Europe 64 gun Ship of the Line Solitaire 64 gun Ship of the Line (Coppered)      
    Romulus 44 gun Ship of the Line Rotterdam 50 gun Ship of the Line      
  CAPTURED Loyal American 38 gun Frigate Heroine 40 gun Frigate      
    Success 32 gun Frigate Christine 36 gun Frigate (Coppered)      
    800ton Freighter Avalon Sybille 32 gun Frigate      
  CAPTURED 800ton Freighter Albany Aimable' 32 gun Frigate      
Engagement:  A "Cutting Out" Action after dark in  Yorktown Harbor.  Evening of September 1st 1781
Played: At Rick's house the evening of Monday September11th 2017
Out Come: A convoy from England loaded with Munitions for Cornwallis's British Army arrived at Yorktown late in the day and is waiting to be unloaded. A Franco-American Squadron that was chasing the convoy decides to take one more try to capture some of its ships later that night.  The Result:

A Stunning Franco - American Victory!

Special Rules: Night Battle:

Visibility is 10 hexes. Move beyond 10 hexes of land and all enemy ships and you “May” disengage if you desire. Once disengaged that ship is out of the game.

This is a “Fish Bowl” battle: meaning the map does NOT float.

Land Batteries:

Gloucester and Yorktown batteries are land batteries. Range is counted from their placement point and can take ONLY “Gun” hits if fired on.

British Start Battle at Anchor :

Anchoring rules on Page 9 are in full effect. British Warships are anchored with “Springs” the merchant freighters do not have springs.

Water hexes are 15 feet 1 hex off shore                                                                         

Water hexes are 20 feet or more at 2 hex off shore                                              

Ships may anchor anywhere on the map within 10 of land .

British start the battle unprepared for battle. The following rules from page 23 apply to the British ships in this battle:

1.    It takes 4 turns (12 minutes) to prepare a Ship Broadside/Land Battery to fire. Starting turn one British players need to plot “c” in the broadside/battery column for 4 turns. They can then fire that battery/broadside on turn 5.

2.    It will take 5 turns (15 minutes) to prepare the sails on a square rigged ship. Starting turn one British players need to plot “R” in the ships MOVE column for 5 turns. They can then move that ship normally on turn 5.

3.    British crews can only do one of the two above tasks in a single turn. Progress does NOT have to be consecutive; it can alternated or interrupted and restarted where it was left off.

4.    These tasks cannot take place while the crews are Firing or Loading guns or Fighting in Melee.

Towing Ships:

Towing rules from page 11 apply

Naval Battle Victory Points:

Each session will victory points will be awarded as follows:

Percentage of Ship Value

Victory Condition


Ship Captured


Ship Destroyed


Ship completes an Objective


Ship Disengages (British only)


The British freighters have a combat value of 8 BUT a Victory point value of 20: They are “Objective Ships” .

Franco-American Squadrons objective is to capture and disengage with the British Freighters. They receive NO PENALTY for disengaging.



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