The World of Grey Hawk

The world of Grey Hawk is the first mass marketed world setting for DnD then being published in the late 1970s.

The Saltmarsh series was originally published in 1979 to 2005 and was set on the coast of the Azure sea. This campaign will use the DnD 5e "Ghost of Saltmarsh" campaign source book, which republishes and reworks the 7 best adventures from the series.

The Saltmarsh Campaign starts in the Keolandish sea town of Saltmarsh in the south west corner of Falanaess.

It is south of Greyhawk (about 1200 miles as the crow flies. 1800 by Sea) on the west coast of the Azure Sea (Think early 14CE. Mediterranean)

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The “world” of the World of Greyhawk set on“Oerth,” a planet larger than our earth.

Though Oerth has four continents, the vast majority of material published for the setting takes place in “the Flanaess,” the north eastern continent.

Flanaess is a fantasy version of Europe in the Late Middle Ages, about the equivalent of our year 1400 CE.

Right smack dab in the middle of the Late Middle Ages, at the cusp of the birth of the Renaissance.

Like our own Europe, the various realms and cultures of the Flanaess proceed at different paces. For example:

The city of Greyhawk is a city of the Renaissance, perhaps equivalent to 15CE Florence.

Niole Dra, the capital of Keoland(Think a 15CE France) might be in that same rarefied status, but few others.

The Hold of the Sea Princes just south of the Kingdom of Keoland, is a mash up of Pre (I mean JUST PRIOR) Moorish invasion Spain of 711AD, and early 16CE English Pirates.

So Greyhawk's continent of Flanaess (The world of Grey Hawk) is roughly a high fantasy Europe just pre gun powder.

Being a fantasy world gun powder may have never been invited simply because magic makes it superfluous.

Though populated mainly by humans, several other creatures also make their homes in the Flanaess, including dwarves, elves, drow (dark elves), halflings, gnomes, orcs, giants, dragons,

 goblins, and several other creatures of the D&D game.  Most cultures found in the Flanaess resemble those of medieval Europe, though faux Mongol, Arab, American Indian, Gypsy,

 Aztec, and African cultures have made contact with Flanaess and are represented.


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