The Temple of the "Twelve"








NSS Sunrise Maiden

CREW ROUSER (By Berths):

CAPTAIN'S CABIN : Captain Voitan

CABIN ONE: Dr. E-Gor-O-Vich (Volus Scientist), Blasto (acting publicity Officer) and Quoyle (His Bat Man), Ai Medical Spec. Irwin Wade (Human APEX)

CABIN TWO: Raul, His 2nd Lt, Yanagis, His Lt,

CABIN THREE: Aleena (TF APEX Leader), Sal Desamore (Salarian Eng. APEX), Earl (Angarian Soldier & APEX Trooper), Kloros (DE Information Agent and Cyborg)

CARGO BAY ONE: (Mech Bay) 3 HYDRA Mechs & Voitan's Nomad, The ancient robot found on the "Drift Rock".

CARGO BAY TWO: Dr. Ecurb(In an Ai Statis Cryo Pod) Dr. E-Gor-O-Vich Volus Scientist's Faber Lab, 2nd Legion and his Geth recharging station

TOTAL EXP SO FAR during the 4th Campaign :

Ambassador Voitan: 411,791 + 36,187 = 447,978 (LEVEL 15)

Dr E-Gor-O-Vich 383,417 + 36,187 = 419,604 (LEVEL 14 )

Kloro Zysstus 181,000 + 19,100 = 200,100 (LEVEL 12 )

BLASTO :   1,766,719  (LEVEL 19)


Aleena (APEX TEAM Leader) 70,307 (LEVEL 9)

Raul (VARGR Space Marine 1stLt) 52,307(LEVEL 9)

Voilar (VARGR 2ndLt) 35,000 (LEVEL 8)

Yanagis (VESK Champion) 50,307 (LEVEL 9)

Hantis (VESK Lt )34,00 + 1,000 = 35,000 (LEVEL 8)

2nd Legion 266,000 + 1,000 = 267,000(LEVEL 13 )

Ai Medical Spec. Irwin Wade (Human APEX) 35,000 (LEVEL 8)

Sal Desamore(Salarian Eng. APEX) 35,000 (LEVEL 8)

Earl (Angarian APEX Trooper) 35,000 (LEVEL 8)

Current cash reserve

1,785,720 MWGCr (Milky Way Galaxy Credit) & 3 Angaran Crystals & 7 Remnant Drift Crystals

1,007,000 PC (PACT CREDIT)

Current PARAGON Points: 100 +32 - 2  = 100(Maximum # allowed)

Current RENEGADE Points: 88 - 2 = 86










10/15/2020: CASTROVEL



Chapter 8


16:00 May 12th  2821 NST

Celita opens a channel to the University to request access and the Dean  of Xeno Linguistics tells her there has been a kidnapping.

Voitan and his team find out that the scientist kidnapped was also the one in possession of the data files needed to translate the symbols on the

Drift Rock.

Voitan decides its time they go visit the University University of Qabarat on Castrovel...


Scene One: Qabarat University ,

Late Evening Local time. 

01:30 May 13th  2821 NST

Itís just a 3 hour Thruster flight for the NSS Sunrise Maiden to reach Castrovel orbit from Absalom Station.

The team arrives at Qabarat University after securing the

NSS Sunrise Maiden at Qabarat Gateway Starport.


Scene Two: The Doctorís Office,

Late Evening Local time. 

01:36 May 13th  2821 NST

The team investigates the missing Drís Office at Qabarat University after the Dean of Linguistics lets them in.

The Elvin ruins are known as the Laskialua Ruins or the Temple of the Twelve in High Elf language.

Laskialua Ruins on the UKULAM continent.

UKULAM continent has been a designated wilderness preserve for decades after a long war for control of it between the Formains of the COLONIES and the Lashuntans of ASANA.

Travel to UKULAM requires an official authorization. There is no regular transport there and what travel there is, as by treaty, is tightly restricted due to the continentís ďNo Manís LandĒ wilderness preserve status. All landings, Air Sea or Space are restricted to a few research/monitoring stations along the coast. Over flights by ďAirĒ vehicles are completely prohibited.


Scene Three: Turhalu Point UKULAM

Local time:  Night

03:00 May 13th  2821 NST

The flies in on a Hover Ferry from Qabarat Gateway Starport to Turhalu Point; the closest station near to the ruins on the Ukulam continent.

Although vehicle travel inland is highly restricted, the team did get assistance with the Qabarat Police to get them authorization to use their NOMAD. The Laskialua Ruins or the Temple of the Twelve are 120 miles to the northwest. There is a road, but itís ancient and mostly overgrown.


Scene Four: UKULAM The Unknown

Local time:  Night to Morning

03:00 to 17:00 May 13th  2821 NST


The Ai NOMAD will get a group of 4 there in about 12-14 hours.



Local time:  Afternoon

17:00 May 13th  2821 NST

The first sign of the ruins is the Obelisk

The team enters a large and thoroughly over grown ruin of an ancient Elfin city. Signs of pass excavations are apparent such as the partly cleared main boulevard. As the team nears the central plaza they note the 3 hover pods of the Cultists that kidnapped Dr.Starni. They are ambushed as they enter the Plaza.



Local time:  Evening

(Sun set is at 23:00)

19:00 May 13th  2821 NST

 The Team leaves the injured Krolos with the Nomad by the "Stargalzer" building below and travel up to the Temple on the side of the mountain above the ruined city.

The Temple radiates Biotic/Magic energy


The team attempts to enter through the roof and are stopped by the

Temple Guardian PANELLIAR: An Undead Solarian Knight


The Team succeed in not fighting the Undead Knight and enter the Temple

where they arrive just into time to prevent 3 Cultists from blowing themselves, the temple and Dr. Starni up by a 1kt Tac Nuke.

The leader of the 9 cultists; TAHOMEN was high enough level to cast a powerful enough "Control Undead Spell" to sway PANELLIAR, then take complete control once he was in the temple by destroying his Fuci in the Temple. The team fixed his fuci and he returns to normal.

They free Dr. Starni and converse with the Temple Lore Guardians

The Elves worshiped the Goddess Ibra and studied a strange constellation of "Twelve" stars that formed a perfect circle in the sky. The Temple has enough stellar information to place where the constellation should be, but on cross referencing the current star charts of Andromeda, this stellar group is not currently there. It was in "DEAD SPACE" on the edge of the Kett Empire. It may have been destroyed during the Galactic collision which started over 2 million years ago. The Elves called the Cluster of stars , a gate, a prison, and a weapon. They themselves didn't even agree on what it was. What they did do was leave, with their entire city, to visit and the "12" to find out. They left the Temple and its guardians for the curious seeking knowledge, and to protect the information within from the "Dangerous".

TAHOMEN found that a critical book in the temple was missing, stolen

300 years earlier from the temple. He did take some other ancient items of great power however that the guardians describe as including the:

"Gem of Flight"

"Gem of Removing ANY Affliction"

"Gem of ALL Seeing"

" Staff of ALL Healing"



Scene SEVEN: THE Signal

Local time:  Sun Set

23:00 May 13th 2821 NST

The team travels up the Alhuenar Spire.  The team finds an empty summit paved with fine, but ancient craved pale floor stones. Off to one side, is a 2 meter disc that is made of the darkest metal and is transmitting some sort of carrier signal. The team will get only one chance to make an analysis before the signal ends. They succeed. The signal was directed at a location in the DIASPORA in-between CASTROVEL and EOX.   


Scene Eight: Night in the Temple

Local time:  Night

04:00 May 14th 2821 NST

The Hike back down in the Dark is dangerous but successful. The Temple Guardian is waiting for them as they pass the temple and offers them safety for the rest of the Night.


Local time:  Late Afternoon

18:00 May 14th 2821 NST

The team returns to Turhalu Point just as the transport hover ferry for Qabarat Gateway Starport is reading to leave. Voitanís Sam Calls.

News of an Attack on Uhsant arrives.

23:00 May 14th 2821

Back at Qabarat Gateway Starport the NSS Sunrise Maiden is ready for takeoff.








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