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Chapter 2: The Temple of HyLax

Opening Scene: Fort Gallent

09:00 July 12TH 2821 NSTScene One: Get to the Temple

 on Time 

The team is asked to go north into the mountains to retreive a Shirren Priest of HyLax that according to PACT intelligence may have something to communicate with teh SWARM. If this is true, it would be a 1st, and may be a possibile step toward peace.

Suskillion, a world under siege by the ever advancing "SWARM" is in bad shape and is about to overwhelmed. The last city on the Planet, REOs has the last operational Star port. The planetary government has declared a total evacuation.

The leadership of the PACT worlds had organized an aid mission, but when it was destroyed, the Planets leadership gave up hope.

If your going to get this Priest, the team is going to have to make it quick.

: Temple of Hylax

(192 miles north of REOS in the Jurdos Mountains.)

                     The PACT Team is ordered to retrieve the Priest


12:00 July 12TH 2821 NST:  Scene One: : 60 miles North of REOS

The Unchained Gang  

An The team now have a 2ton grav truck complete with pintal mounts

for their two MGs. Three hours after leaving Frt Galleant they come to a Large river.

 They have to cross it to go further north. The last bridge crossing they saw was

 destroyed. The team comes across a group of abandonded prisoners, some that

 seem infected with something.

14:00 July 12TH 2821 NST:  Scene Two: 140 miles North of REOS

The Shopping Plaza  

 The Team comes on a Shopping plaza. Their is purple moss or vegetation growing

 everywhere. There is a commotion at the Mall in the center of the plaza.

It is surrounded by a few hundred Really fat people trying to get in.

As they drive up the civilians don't look well. They turn from banging at the mall entrance

 and start to charge the truck screaming "KILL ME PLEEEEEASE!" while they are foaming

purple goo from their mouths.

As they get closer to the truck, a few trip and EXPLODE, destroying several of their

 comrades. This actually seems to make them happy. As they giddily chase the truck a few

 of the team jet pack off the truck and approach the now abandoned Mall.

From the loud speakers a woman thanks you for coming to save her.

An attractive Andromeda Human woman opens the doors. Dress in a wrinkled business suit

executive of "Long Ship Agricultural Alliance" as Suskillon was a major food

producer and supplied food to the whole sector and did a large amount of trade with the

 PACT Worlds.

 She explains she is the last of the managers left here on planet. She stayed to help get the

 farmers and agro techs transport to REOS. That's when she discovered that this weird

 fungus the "Bugs of the Swarm" had been spraying on the fields was actually turning

 people exposed to it into walking bombs.

 She was then trapped in the Long Ship offices here in the Mall and  missed the last

 transport out of town her self.  That is when the "Infected" showed up.

In gratitude the Long Ship exc, Reda Cooper, offers to let the team use her private

star yacht if they can only get her  back to the REOS star port.

The team's truck loops back around and picks them up leaving

 the dying infected jogging and occasionally exploding behind.


Reda Cooper,

15:00 July 12TH 2821 NST:  Scene Four: 190 miles North of REOS

The Hylax Temple and Ski Resort  

 The Team finally comes to where the Temple is. The Temple is on the right down slope.

On the left up the Mountain a bit is a palatial ski resort which is crawling with Swarm bugs.

The Temple seems ignored. The other SDF truck is there among with 3 dead SDF soldiers

 and a dozen dead large bugs. The Temple seems weirdly peaceful considering the

 situation. The two large front doors are closed with the raise words in Shirren

DIPLOMACY FRIENDSHIP PEACE with Friendship being spilt down the middle.

The team make an engineering check and realise that by touching both sides of the word

for Friendship and the door opens inward.


15:30 July 12TH 2821 NST:  Scene Five:

The Temple of HyLax  

   Temple interior



There are several Swarm Vorph Lords are in the enclosed court yard with the

 statue of HYLAX in the center. They seem to be crittering quietly to each other

 while admiring the statue.

The team has the jump on them and kills them quickly with a surprise attack.

                Inner Sanctum       

The team frees Xelonan from the Inner Sanctum. The team finds out why the

SDF want to save this guy. The Priest says he has discovered that the temple

 along with a missing component can be used to talk to the SWARM, and maybe

 get them to calm down? He had sent his acolyte to the UT system to look for the

 missing piece a few months ago when the Swarm started invading the sector,

but he hasn't heard from him since.           


16:00July 12TH 2821 NSTScene Six:

Escaping the Temple 

The team fights off the swarm while using the other truck as a diversion and escape the Mountain side and start heading home. till morning. They spend the night driving through the dark, blowing the dam behind them to finally reaching the edge of REOs the next morning.

06:00July 13TH 2821 NSTScene Seven: Time to Go 

 The small city of Reos is strangely quite....

 PARAGON Points: +10




Chapter 3: The Fall of Suskillon







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