Telem's final marker... 


CREW ROUSER (By Berths):

CAPTAINS CABIN : Captain Voitan

(Now officially part of the NEXUS APEX: Commodore of Fleets)

OFFICERS CABIN ONE: Dr. Rennab Ecurb & Volus Assistant E-Gor-O-Vich

OFFICERS CABIN TWO: Julli Bowman Human Navigator

OFFICERS CABIN THREE: Blasto (acting publicity Officer) and Quoyle (His Bat Man)

OFFICERS CABIN FOUR: Turian Engineers (2)

OFFICERS CABIN FIVE: Turian Engineers (2)

OFFICERS CABIN SIX: Turian Engineers (2)

Crew Beths: 20 (Various races, half are Turian)

Cargo Bay One/APEX Barrack : 30 APEX Troopers (Level 7) including one Elcor Heavy Weapons specialist. 10 Vargr Space Marines, 10 Vesk Wariors

Cargo Bay Two: Dr. Rennab Ecurb & Volus Assistant E-Gor-O-Vich and their Faber Lab

Cargo Bay Three:(Mech Bay) 3 HYDRA Mechs & Voitan's Nomad

Shuttle Bay One (Cargo Bay Four):  Stretch Ai SH3 Shuttle

Computer Core : empty Geth recharging station


TOTAL EXP SO FAR during the 3rd Campaign :

PLAYER CHARACTERS: 215,791 + 58,400 = 274,191(LEVEL 13)

Dr E-Gor-O-Vich 182,417 + 58,400 = 240,817(LEVEL 13 )

BLASTO :  1,763,719 + 2,000 = 1,765,719(LEVEL 19)


Aleena (Blood Talon APEX TEAM Leader) 54,307 (LEVEL 9)

Raul (Blood Talon VARGR TEAM Lt) 34,307+2,000=36,307(LEVEL 8)

Yanagis (Blood Talon VESK TEAM Champion) 34,307 (LEVEL 8)

Julli Bowman:  63,377 + 2,000 =  65,377(LEVEL 9)

The Rest of the crew

 37,899 (LEVEL 8)

 29 new APEX Troopers (Level 7) . 3 Hydra Mechs .

 9 Vargr Space Marines (LEVEL 7)

 9 Vesk Warriors (LEVEL 7)

Current cash reserve:  177,895Cr (MWG) & 3 Angaran Crystals & 7 Remnant Drift Crystals

                                     +2,000,000Cr (MWG)

Current PARAGON Points: 92 + 6  = 98

Current RENEGADE Points: 64 -3  = 61









08/20/2020: Telem's Final Maker

Chapter 17

Opening Scene: August 13th 2820 NSS Blood Talon

 Voitan and the Blood Talon while assisting  the landing of the new Turian & Quarian colonies on Novolori  prepares a landing mission to hunt down Telem on the Surface of the planet......

The Objectives:

1. Find and defeat the Rogue Quarian Pathfiner Telem.

Scene One: NSS Blood Talon

Fleet Commander Voitan prepares his Assault on the rogue Salarian STG ship that landed on the planet's surface.


Scene Two: Novolori  

Assault on the rogue Salarian STG ship that landed on the planet's surface.

Telem and his 6 crew members nearly escape on the STG stealth ship but Voitan and his crew wreck its thrusters within seconds of lift off.

ALL are captured

The only causualty is Dr. Rennab Ecurb, who has a strange reaction to an idol found on Telem's person.

Scene Three :

Ecurb uses his "Biotics" to make the idol disintegrate but not before its strange properties have an effect on him.

Raul (Blood Talon VARGR TEAM leader) warns Voitan to keep an eye on the Krogan Doctor because the symtoms he is expebiting are very much like that of explosure to a "DEAD SPACE DARK CRYSTAL" ...

Interrogation of the prisoners reveals a few things.

1. The STG ship and crew were from the Salarian ARK and recruited by the KETT after their Ark Paachero was captured. They thought they were acting as "double agents" working with Tan and a mysterious Human male in an "All Balck Stealth suit".

2. The crew of the Reegar went rogue after Telem divulged that he was part of the ARK Keelah Si'yah plague to kill all MWG council races in Andromeda. His motivation was information given him by a  mysterious Human male in an "All Black Stealth suit". The Andromeda Initiative is actually a giant AI experiment revolving around the SAM units working for the Reapers. That's why he sabotaged the ARK Keelah Si'yah. He latter was contacted by this same human(?) here in the Andromeda Galaxy and teamed up with the rogue human Trevor Phillips to destroy the NEXUS.

3. When asked about the strange Idol Telem aquired, they said they only started noticing it on Telem shortly after they went rogue. He promised them if they were successful they would all get one. (For some reason this made them happy) All they know about is that its an Andromeda artifact that "encourages clear thought".


Scene Four :August 14th 2820 NSS Blood Talon

  With the prisoners all squared away and the colonies foundations started on Novolori, work begins on Voitan's "FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE" on the southern continent of Novolori.

Voitan is gifted this fortress and given a promotion to

HELIUS Ambassador. 

NSS Blood Talon will be placed in NEXUS Space dock for a refit

and handed over to the Turian Pathfinder. Commander of the NEXUS Fleet

 will be handed over to the Asari captain of the Asari Ark Leusinia after

her new Asari Frigate is competed.

The captured STG spy ship will be repaired and given to the

Salarian Pathfinder

Finally with the new rank of Helius Ambassador, Viotan will be given a

SAM interface, normally only reserved for Pathfinders.

He is also gifted 2 million Nexus Credits for a successful competion of

the campaign to find Reegar, End the Kett in Helius, and

bring peace to the new Helious Alliance. 

His New SAM Core is in place in the "FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE" on

August 16th and Viotan under goes the dangerous SAM operation.

He is in a coma for 15 days.


  Voitan awakens from his coma in his new fortress which is now fully functional. Crewed by a Platoon man up of Turian and Quarian technicians and soldiers.

His new SAM is working at 100%, and apologizes for the coma.

He is told on awakening that Telem was tired and executed.

Dr. Rennab Ecurb, whad to be placed in Cryo-Stasis. Even Colonial

 Affairs director Addison, a known work-a-holic told him he needed medical leave for exhuastion after he was erratic during one of their meetings.

Ambassador Viotan's new ship will be ready by the week of the

25th of December 2820










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