Andrew Colonel Aric Loq:  Peoples Liberation Army Air Force Colonel. Pilots a J20 MIGHTY DRAGON Zhangzhou PLAAF AB Fujain Province PRC
  Captain Bao-Shin :  PLAN Captain Pilots a J15 Flying Shark South China Sea with the PLAN South Fleet
  Captain Boi-Lou Lung :  PLAN commander of the Qiqihar a Type 52D DDG assigned to the Southern Fleet South China Sea with the PLAN South Fleet
  Commander Abe Fat:  PLAN commander of submarine SSK-313   Ming the Merciless. (CAPTURED)Kee- Lung Naval Base Taiwan
  Cpt. AI-DE Fong:  PLA  Special Ops Forces (KIA)Taipei Hilton,  Taiwan
  Captain An-Chin DA XIA:  PLAN commander of Type-093A SSN V408 Victorious, (KIA)70 nm west of Apra Harbor Guam
  Captain Wang-Win :  PLAN commander of submarine Type -039 SSK Song (KIA)Strait of Taiwan 27km west of Yunlin Taiwan, near Penghu Island



Captain James Decautur: USN Captain (O-6) USS Sea Dragon (SSN-24)

7th Fleet attack submarine squadron.

Returning to Apra Harbor Guam
  Captain Anh Dung Tru: VPN commander of the Ly Thai To a Gepard FFG South China Sea
  Captain Toshios Moretia: JASDF Pilots a F15J EAGLE Kee- Lung Naval Air Station Taiwan
  Captain Zach Moyo: USMC Pilots a F18C HORNET / F35B LIGHTNING Kee- Lung Naval Air Station Taiwan
  Captain Larry Brit: USN Pilots a  F35C LIGHTNING

USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78)


Captain Jon Lee: ROCN DDG Captain of the Kee Lung (Lucky Dragon).

Kee- Lung Naval Base Taiwan
  Major Tang Shih-Win: ROCAF Squadron Leader. Pilots a F16V Falcon Ching Chaun Kang Air Base
  Cmdr Jon-Lon: ROCMC Sea Dragons Team Leader. Changhua Taiwan
  Cmdr Pou-Mie: ROCMC Garrison Commander of Taiping Island. (KIA) on Taiping
  ROCA Captain Ang Hing: Armored Cavalry commander. Changhua Taiwan

Captain Lu Chia: ROCN Captain of the Submarine Hai Lung  (Sea Dragon).

Kee- Lung Naval Base Taiwan

Dana Dash: CNN foreign correspondent for SE Asia. Assigned to the Taipei office during the 4th Taiwan Straits crisis.


Taipei Hilton Taiwan

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