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Chapter 4: The Last Refuge

Opening Scene: The Long Ship Yacht docks at ODD ROCK Station, Utraneus III (Aqanat)

Friday July 23rd 2821 NST:

Utraneus System:

Utraneus III (Aqanat): Resort World                          

Standard Golden Ocean World: 90%+ Hydrosphere

                           Gravity 1.0 N/O 1.0 atm.

                           Population: 1.42 million Pre-Swarm

                                         (70% Lashuntans)

                                         (8%   Kalos)

                                         (22% Others)

Since Swarm attack several million refugees from several systems

                           Capital: New Grakkan(111k)


                     City over whelmed by refugees

10:00 July 23rd 2821 NST:  Scene One: Alone in the Dark  

The Long Ship Star Yacht docks in Orbit of Aqanat, a once beautiful ocean resort

world now nearly over run with refuges.

Upon scanning the crowded orbital station and the Star Port below, the scene is

 just short of chaos. Hundreds of Aid ships float or are docked near by trying to

 work on helping the refuges below, but the port system has a bottle neck: a lack

 of landing areas and transport shuttles.

The SDF maintains one of their last fleets from a base on the planets moon,

but they seem to have their own problems and refuse to aid the planet other

than give it orbital policing keeping the various ships captains from shooting

each other in frustration.

The team finds a few interesting ships in orbit with them as well.

Ships in orbit of interest.

Pact Relief ships

Lashuntan Meritocracy SDF Patrol craft

The Cerberus SR2 PHOENIX

A Baterian HH Frigate

A Drow Slave Ship


The Team contacted the Port captain to offer help on the ground. The Port Captain

 complied. he situation on the surface is a mess with so many non functional ships taking

 up PAD Space that some have had to been pushed into the bay.

The Team also picked up on a hint that the Colony Governor may be corrupt and taking

 bribes for some unknown proposes.

The Long Ship Argo Executive Reda Cooper, thanks the team for their help saving her on Suskillon by signing over the Star Yatch to them. She then transfers over to a PACT Star Liner that is preparing to leave for the PACT worlds. She wishes them luck and tells them to look her up sometime.

Some of the team takes a shuttle down to the Star Port of the planet capital:

New Grakkan(111k), The shuttle drops the team off in a overwhelmed Star Port surrounded by refuge camps, with long lines and check points.


12:00 July 23rd 2821 NST:  Scene Two:

The team fights with some ruffians in the Refugee camp, and gets a clue about where the missing Cleric their Shirren Priest is looking for.

The Baterian HH Frigate escapes with slaves. The Cerberus SR2 PHOENIX escapes as well with "Human" refugees.

The team does learn the location of an old Shirren temple.

18:00 July 23rd 2821 NST:  Scene Three: 


The team finds an old temple and along with an abandoned prisoner.

Sister Bellinda "Bella" Rose Spark, the missing Shirren cleric. The Cerberus operatives left her here with the some artifacts they didn't have time to grab. One was a Rod of some sort with Arcane powers. Bella has information; the Cerberus agents took a "Star Crystal" but didn't get the information about the location of the "Crown of Halix". The Cleric tells the group that she knows of a way to stop the Swarm by talking to them, but this requires the "Crown of Halix".  She joins the team.

24:00 July 23rd 2821 NST:  Scene Four: 

 Swarm "Antecursor" drones are detected on the planet; this means the SWARM is preparing to attack this planet soon.

 The team prepares to leave the planet,

Nackmor Eisen Fraag has an encounter with a member of the Inusannon at the star port.It  makes a "Suggestion" to Fraag that a Shirren scientist on the Planet of Ilemchuuva in the Ilem system knows of the location of  the "Crown of Halix".

The team decide to head to Ilemchuuva in the Ilem system. The only problem is that Ilemchuuva is now a Swarm conquered "HUSK WORLD".


 PARAGON Points: +10




Chapter 5: HUSK WORLD







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