STARFINDER/5e C6 Solminae



12:00 March 3rd 2823

ACT ONE Gate to the EMPIRE


You’re a team of six young recruits from the planet Medridian in the Heleus Alliance, being sent to investigate a lead as to the disappearance of thousands if not tens of thousands of Roekar (Angara xenophobes that hate the Alliance and its new comers from the MWG and the PACT worlds) that have gone missing over the last 3 years.

You have been given the NEXUS SH3 shuttle “Inquirer” to investigate the path of stars from the Solminae system in the Heleus cluster leading out to the Azuriach Nebula out in “Dead Space”.


The Star: An Orange vii in the later stages of its life cycle





Red Qorayk


An anomaly is detected in this system. Scanning reveals Starship Wreckage.


·         Ship ident: Nexus 29-17

·         Ship name: "Bourbon Sally"

·         Crew complement: 2

·         Status: Partially destroyed; salvageable


A small scouting ship sent to investigate a portion of the Scourge, it was lost shortly after leaving the Nexus. It was assumed that contact with the Scourge brought her down; analysis of the wreckage makes it abundantly clear that the ship was attacked.


Scene Two: Roseau System

12:00 March 5th 2823

Star Red

A week Angaran distress signal identifies it as the Roseeau system. The signal is from the fourth planet.

Planets :10, all airless

4th Planet is

Kvastyr Daar (Angaran for Rock at Last Light)

This airless planet had 20 Roekar fighter bases on it, with 4 in oribit. All have been wrecked, with the debris of hundreds of Angaran Wraith Star bombers littering the planets oribit. Investigation ENG/Sci DC20 roll will indicate that the destruct all occurred within the last year. No bodies are found.

Searching for records will find that all electronic recordings on remaining equipment has been destroyed.

Operatives Notes: It appears a Cerberus offensive crushed this strong hold and they left the bodies to rot, thousands of them. They covered their tracks just as they had in the Solminae system. The Bone Fleet arrived shortly after to collect the bodies for their own purposes.


Scene Three: VieRawl System

12:00 March 6th 2823

Star Blue

A week Vargar distress signal identifies it as the VieRawl system, an outpost of the Vargar Star Republic. The signal is from the Third planet.

Planets: 5

Third Planet is

VieRawl-Fort (Vargar Star Base)

The pieces of a wrecked of a Vargar Battle cruiser float in high orbit. A large base, severely damaged is on the planet near the equator.

Landing and spending 1d20 hours will reveal the following:

1.  The base originally was a trade/intelligence outpost for roughly 10,000 Vargar. There are no bodies, and the electronics have all been wiped.

2.  The destruction of the base was about a NEXUS Standard year and a half ago.

3.  20 DC search finds a physical print star chart with the coordinates of a star 15LY distant listed as “Nakon” along with a few notes on the back about a landing code for the approach to a Roekar town/settlement of 50,000 on the 3rd planet named Nakondis with the invitation to Vagar to “negotiate” in return for access to an ancient artifact, possibly of Jardan origin. The map’s time stamp, translates to July 2821, about 20 MWG NEXUS months ago.


ACT TWO Nakondis

12:00 March 7th 2823

Scene One: Nakon System

Star Yellow

Planets: 5

The 2nd planet is the Forrest/Jungle world of


Scene Two: Sentinels of Nakondis   

Approaching the planet, the SH3 is intercepted by a pair of unknown drones. 14 more drones following behind and moving up to attack.








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