Scapa Flow November 22nd to 23rd 1914


 1914 to 1918





Scapa Flow November 22nd to 23rd 1914

VPs Gained Player Name Character Name Ships CLASS TOTAL Points: 6 VS TOTAL Points: 6 CLASS Ships Character Name Player Name VPs Gained
106 Mike Killmer Rodney Saint'Clair Garry DD 4   6 U 1910 U-18 SUNK Surfaced, Crew Saved Otto Von Snap Jim Mead 0
      Drothy Gray PE 2              

 Historical Battle

on 23 November U-18 penetrated the fleet anchorage of Scapa Flow via Hoxa Sound, following a steamer through the boom and entering the anchorage with little difficulty. However, the fleet was absent, being dispersed in anchorages on the west coast of Scotland and Ireland. As U-18 was making her way back out through Hoxa Sound to the open sea, her periscope was spotted by a guard boat. The trawler Dorothy Gray altered course and rammed the periscope, rendering it unserviceable. U-18 then was rammed a second time by destroyer HMS Garry sealing her fate.


SETUP: See above. UP SCOPE rules system by SPI used. 100 pts for Propaganda value of successful Defense/Attack in Scapa Flow


DEPTH: 15 meters


WEATHER : FORCE 1 :  Light Breeze.


VISIBILITY: 10 Moon Lit Night




Played: June 24th  2018 at PFCG
Out Come:  A successful Defense of Scapa Flow by the British Royal Navy

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