The big “Three” (Or Four) technologies of Star Trek are:

1.   Anti-Matter Power

2.   Warp Drive

3.   Transporters/Replicators (Based on the same tech.)

The first two as of 2018 are at least theoretically possible, the third is still purely in the realm of science fiction.

STAR TREK ADVENTURES RPG roles which is the backbone of the 2274 campaign breaks up technology into four gaming periods.

1.   EARLY 2150 to 2239: Archer and the USS Enterprise NX-01

2.   STANDARD 2240 to 2299: Dis, TOS and their Movies.

3.   ADVANCED 2300 TO 2400: NG, DS9, and Voyager.

4.   SUPERIOR 2400+: STO and beyond.

All of the big “Three” (Or Four) technologies of Star Trek are present in all four periods to varying degrees. Using Warp Drive as an Example:

EARLY Warp Drive is limited to about WARP 5.49

STANDARD Warp Drive utilizes Dilithium focused warp fields so ships can reach speeds up to WARP 9.97

ADVNACED “TRANS” Warp Drive utilizes a “transporter” system to lengthen the warp field allowing speeds of WARP 10 to 19

SUPERIOR “Slipstream” Warp Drive can reach WARP 30 +

The Time Line for this STA campaign is 90% Star Trek cannon, I had to add a little from the SFB Universe, the Animated Series (which may OR may not be cannon) and several bestselling ST books.

50,000BC Or So in Earth’s Greco-Roman Calendar The Iconians destroy all the Star faring races in the Milky Way Galaxy before disappearing them selves.

4000BC Or So in Earth’s Greco-Roman Calendar The Vulcans developed Warp Drive and expanded out into the Alpha and Beta Quadrants forming the Vulcan Star Empire. Their main competitor was the Gorn Empire.

301-399? Sometime in Earth’s 4th century AD, Vulcans emerged from their violent tendencies and civil wars under a philosopher named Surak, who advocated the suppressing of emotion in favor of logic. This period was known as the "Great Awakening", this caused a collapse of the Vulcan Star Empire. The Vulcans cease all Star flight for about 1000 Earth years. Many of their former colonies are lost in this period.

400 to 850ish Earth’s Greco-Roman Calendar The Fek'Ihri, the ancient enemy of Kahless the Unforgettable came to Qo'noS “From the Stars” and were the foot soldiers of the Klingon Dictator Molor helping him conquer all of Qo'noS. Arround 850 AD Kahless defeated them and Molar and banished them to to Gre'thor.

1301-1399? Sometime in Earth’s 14th century AD, a star faring race known as the “Hur’q” flood through the Alpha and Beta quadrants wiping out many of the star faring races. After destroying the Gorn Empire, the Hur’q were finally stopped at Qo’noS by the Klingons using ships left them by the Fek'Ihri.

"Hur'q" was a Klingon word meaning "outsider," and was the name given by the Klingons to a species from the Gamma Quadrant which invaded and plundered Qo'noS, were defeated by the Klingons and then returned to the Gamma Quadrant.

1467 Vulcans have returned to Star Flight and make contact with the Newly formed Klingon Empire who were using a mix of refurbished “Fek'Ihri” and  "Hur'q" star ships.

1957, the launch of Sputnik I, Earth's first artificial satellite, was observed by a Vulcan vessel that subsequently crashed on the planet, marooning several crew members for a number of months. This constituted the first true contact between humans and Vulcans.

2063 Vulcans make contact with Earth after Humans develop Warp Drive.

2097, the Vulcans annexed the Andorian planetoid Weytahn and renamed it Pan Mokar

2105, the Vulcans and the Andorians agreed to a compromise over Weytahn/Pan Mokar. Still, tensions continued due to the threat of mutual annihilation.

2150 to 2154  Star Trek: Enterprise NX-01

2153 Earth XINDI war

2155 Ground work starts for the formation of the United Federation of Planets. The Romulan Star Empire threatens war with the Humans if such an alliance is formed.

2161 Earth, Vulcan, Andoria, and Tellus  form the United Federation of Planets.

2161 to 2168 Romulans launch an attack on Earth in reaction to the formation of the United Federation of Planets. War ends 7 years later in a cease fire arranged by sub space radio.

2197 to 2233 A series of Four Wars with the UFP breaks up the Kzinti Empire. The last war ends when the UFP develops Dilithium enhanced Warp Drive. The Empire was an amalgam of four different but similar feline races; The Caitians, Ferasans, Kzinti, and Lyrans.   After the last war the Kzinti hold onto an eighth of their original empire. The Caitians join the UFP, while the Lyrans and the Ferasans setup their own Star Kingdoms in the Beta quadrant.

2223 to Present UFP Klingon Cold Wars; the boarder of the Federation and the Empire has been the site of continuous “Un Declared” and “Declared” warfare for the last 50 Earth year starting with a dispute over the Donatu system between an Earth mining company and the Klingon Empire.

2245 Battle of Donatu V  First large scale fleet action between the Klingons and the UFP. Never escalated into full scale war because of in-fighting between the Klingon Houses.

2256 Battle of the Binary Stars Kicked of the Four Years War, also known as the First Federation-Klingon War 2256-2260.

2266 to 2270 TOS USS Enterprise five year mission under Captain Kirk

2267 Second UFP Klingon War. Only lasts a few weeks. Ends with the Organian Peace Treaty.

2273  Star Trek: The Motion Picture