Scarborough Fair December 17th 1914


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Scarborough Fair 


December 17th 1914

VPs Gained Player Name Character Name Ships CLASS TOTAL Points: 1202 VS TOTAL Points: 2241 CLASS Ships Character Name Player Name VPs Gained
0 Jim Mead Rex Reeves AJAX BB 104   115 BB KONIG Richard Von Wiegand Rick Wiegand 140
      CENTURION BB 104   115 BB KRONPRINZ David Von Gorslund Dave Gorsline 140
      ORION BB 90   115 BB GROSSER KURFURST      
      MONARCH BB 90   115 BB MARKGRAF      
      QUEEN MARY SUNK BC 107   98 BB KAISER      
      LION BC 105   98 BB KAISERIN      
      NEW ZEALAND BC 74   98 BB KONIG ALBERT      
      BIRMINGHAM CL 22   92 BB HELGOLAND      
      FALMOUTH CL 22   92 BB OLDENBURG      
      DD FLOTILLA 1 : All 4 DDs SUNK DD 16   92 BB THURINGEN      
              114 BC SEYDLITZ      
              102 BC MOLTKE      
              85 BC VON DER TANN      
              70 CA BLUCHER      
              40 CA ROON      
              21 CL STRALSUND      
              21 CL STRASSBURG      
              20 CL COLN      
              20 CL KOLBERG (damaged by shore batteries at Scarborough, down one hull and armament box)      
              14 DD DD FLOTILLA II      
              14 DD DD FLOTILLA IV      
              14 DD DD FLOTILLA IX      
              14 DD DD FLOTILLA X      

 "SEMI" Historical Battle

The Raid on Scarborough, Hartlepool and Whitby on the morning of  December 16th  1914, was an attack by the Imperial German Navy on the British ports of Scarborough, Hartlepool, West Hartlepool and Whitby. The attack resulted in 592 casualties, many of them civilians, of whom 137 died. The attack caused public outrage towards the German Navy for the attack, and against the Royal Navy for its failure to prevent the raid.


The German plan was to use the the raiding forces to lure a section of the British Grand Fleet into pursuing the German raiders across the North Sea into the waiting German High Seas Fleet. In reality the British were luckily and lost  all but a few German rear guard ships including of a few cruisers and destroyers in the dark that night as they retreated back across the North Sea


SETUP: The British setup first by entering all their ships on the North side.

The Germans set up second with their 3 battlecruisers, 2 armoured cruisers, 4 (Newer)light cruisers and 4 the DD Flotillas entering on the west side of the board at least 36 inches south of the north side with SMS Kolberg entering last. The rest of the German Ships setup on the south east corner quarter of of the board. (The German High Seas Fleet).


Fish Bowl setup: Ships off the map are disengaged in the darkness


British may only disengage (and without penalty) once the number of German Dreadnoughts sighted is greater than their own.


Germans start with 20 victory points for successfully shelling the English coastal towns.


WEATHER : FORCE 6 : Squall/Rough Sea . +2 to Strattle for DD/TBD.


VISIBLITY: Night Battle (02:00 December 17th) : 24"




Played:  July 9th at Rick's
Out Come:  Major German Victory!

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