STARFINDER/5e C6 Reach of the Empire





01:00 March 8th 2823

Nakondis, early afternoon local time

Planet has 75% Hydrosphere and 99% of the land mass is Forest or Jungle.

1.001 Gravity, 25 hour days

Atmosphere is O/N Earth Standard, Pressure also Earth Standard.


You’re a team of six young recruits from the planet Medridian in the Heleus Alliance, being sent to investigate a lead as to the disappearance of thousands if not tens of thousands of Roekar (Angara xenophobes that hate the Alliance and its new comers from the MWG and the PACT worlds) that have gone missing over the last 3 years.

You have been given the NEXUS SH3 shuttle “Inquirer” to investigate the path of stars from the Solminae system in the Heleus cluster leading out to the Azuriach Nebula out in “Dead Space”.

Scene One: Wreck site of the Aeon Venture

 The SH3 team finds the wreck site and there is both a Cerberus Kodiac and an Azlanti Void Sweeper Vanguard shuttle docked on the ship near the bridge.

 The wreck must have been a large cruiser, as 75% of it is buried under floage and dirt. It doesnt apear to have crash, rather its been sitting their for a VERY long time, per GAP, maybe a million even 3 million Earth years.

The SH3 is engaged by two more drones circling over the wreck as guards.

The team destroy one and manage to incapacitate and later retrieve the other.

 The team finds a cargo hatch open near the stern.

Scene Two: Roseau System

Four of the SH3 team enters the wreck which then seals them in.They lose control with teh other 2 team members nad the SH3 so they explore the ship on their own. They discover the following two major developements;

 1. The ship had a "PRE  DRIFT" drive system, that may have been superior to the current Drift Drive.

 2. The ship has been infected with "Marker Radiation".

The team fights their way to the Bridge.


Scene Three: The Bridge

2:00 March 8th 2823

After a violent turbo lift malfunction, the team capture the Bridge.

They capture the lead scientist that was left behind trying to get the last of the ships logs down loaded. Both the Cerberus Engineer and the Azlanti Lt Sharu escaped with their data and the "RUNE" drive core for the ship.


3:00 March 8th 2823

 With help due to arrive in a day or two the team debrief the prisoners from both the city of Madelon's Revenge and the Ancient Starwreck, the Aeon Venture .

The Azlanti and Cerberus now have an alliance, and the PACT worlds have forbidden any further probes into the Azuriach Nebula. The Vargar are angered by this but are willing to go along with it to keep the peace.

As many as 250,000 Angaran Roekar have possibly died in their "Invasion" of the Azuriach Nebula, and the Heleus Alliance has declared a neutral zone be set up between the two Nebulas.

 As for the Starwreck, the Aeon Venture, it made a controlled landing , Pre Gap, on this planet after passing through a wave of energy that contained the "Marker resonance". The original crew all died from it.








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