That which is Revenge... 


CREW ROUSER (By Berths):

CAPTAINS CABIN : Captain Voitan

(Now officially part of the NEXUS APEX: Commodore of Fleets)

OFFICERS CABIN ONE: Dr. Rennab Ecurb & Volus Assistant E-Gor-O-Vich

OFFICERS CABIN TWO: Julli Bowman Human Navigator

OFFICERS CABIN THREE: Blasto (acting publicity Officer) and Quoyle (His Bat Man)

OFFICERS CABIN FOUR: Turian Engineers (2)

OFFICERS CABIN FIVE: Turian Engineers (2)

OFFICERS CABIN SIX: Turian Engineers (2)

Crew Beths: 20 (Various races, half are Turian)

Cargo Bay One/APEX Barrack : 30 APEX Troopers (Level 7) including one Elcor Heavy Weapons specialist. 10 Vargr Space Marines, 10 Vesk Wariors

Cargo Bay Two: Dr. Rennab Ecurb & Volus Assistant E-Gor-O-Vich and their Faber Lab

Cargo Bay Three:(Mech Bay) 3 HYDRA Mechs & Voitan's Nomad

Shuttle Bay One (Cargo Bay Four):  Stretch Ai SH3 Shuttle

Computer Core : empty Geth recharging station


TOTAL EXP SO FAR during the 3rd Campaign :

PLAYER CHARACTERS: 186,271 + 27,520 = 213,791(LEVEL 13)

Dr E-Gor-O-Vich 152,897 + 27,520 = 180,417(LEVEL 12 )

BLASTO :  1,756,477 + 5,242 = 1,761,719(LEVEL 19)


Aleena (Blood Talon APEX TEAM Leader)54,307 (LEVEL 9)

Raul (Blood Talon VARGR TEAM Lt)34,307 (LEVEL 8)

Yanagis (Blood Talon VESK TEAM Champion)34,307 (LEVEL 8)

Julli Bowman:  33,857 +27,520 =  61,377(LEVEL 9)

The Rest of the crew

 30,657 + 5,242 = 35,899 (LEVEL 8)

 29 new APEX Troopers (Level 7) . 3 Hydra Mechs .

 9 Vargr Space Marines (LEVEL 7)

 9 Vesk Warriors (LEVEL 7)

Current cash reserve:  177,895Cr (MWG) & 3 Angaran Crystals

Current PARAGON Points: 82 + 8  = 90

Current RENEGADE Points: 41 + 21  = 62









08/06/2020: Revenge

Chapter 15

Opening Scene: August 2nd 2820 NSS Blood Talon

 The Blood Talon arrives in the INALAARA system.....

The Objectives:

1. Find the missing Hanar Drell Pathfinder SR3.



Scene One: NSS Blood Talon

Fleet Commander Voitan has found the Hanar/Drell Pathfinders Ship,

The NSS The Compact SR3.

The Drell and Hanar Pathfinders and their Crew of 6 appear to be in Status.


Scene Two:August 1st 2820 NSS Blood Talon

The Blood Talon engages the Reeegar in the INALAARA system.....

Voitan and his crew are victorius! Telem and his crew escape in an Escape pod to Novolori, Planet 3 in the INALAARA system...

Scene Three :August 2nd 2820 NSS Blood Talon

  The Blood Talon acquires the NSS The Compact SR3 after saving its crew and also captures a Themis Lt Freighter Transport Telem was using as well...

Scene Four :August 2nd 2820 NSS Blood Talon

  In the after math of the battle, Director Tann's incompetence and double dealing is exposed and his is voted out of Office. Tan disappears immediately after wards.  Voitan and the Blood Talon await the landing of the new Turian & Quarian colonies on Novolori while preparing a landing mission to hunt down Telem on the Surface of the planet.






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