Admiral Raeder's Wall

France 1944 Alt History Campaign June 30th to August 28th

Premise: Hitler decides not to invade the USSR after the failure to launch Sea Lion. Instead he decides to pursue the Mediterranean Strategy laid out by Admiral Raeder in 1940. The Plan is to slowly straggle Britain into suing for Peace, then wait for the Russians to come to them instead of the other way around. The Idea was that the Russian invasion would be a debacle just like the one they launched into Finland in the winter of 1940. Only this time the German counter offensive would cause the USSR to collapse.

1940 to 1941: Germany consolidates its control of all of Europe outside of the Soviet sphere of influence. Gibraltar, Malta and the Suez all fall to Rommel and his properly supplied DAK forces. U-Boats and the Luftwaffe strangle British industry on the Home Islands, but British forces are able to stop Rommel at the gates of Jerusalem. United States Declares War on Germany along with Italy and Japan after Pearl Harbor citing the grievous losses of Merchant ships to U-Boats in the Atlantic.

1942: Rommel goes around Jerusalem just as he did Tobruk in 1941 and ďLiberatesĒ Iraq before being bogged down in the Persian Mountains Fighting British Colonial Indian and Persian Troops.

1943: Donitz losses the Battle of the Atlantic. Rommel is recalled from Persia and his DAA (Deutsches Asia Army) to prepare occupied France for a possible Anglo American lead invasion from England across the Channel.

1944: The German OKM plans a waiting game; Rebuild Donitzís U-Boat fleet with the new Type XXI and XXIII boats while the Luftwaffe fights off the American 8th Air Force. Destroy the expected US Lead invasion in France then smash the Soviets as they enter into the trap set for them in Poland.

June 1944: The long awaited Allied invasion arrives on D-Day, June 6th. US, British and Allied forces quickly establish a foothold in Normandy despite furious German Resistance. Things only get worse for the Germans as the Russians close their boarders and cease trade on June 22nd. Luftwaffe reconnaissance reports signs or Russian mobilization.

June 30th 1944: Itís time for the Germans to push the Allies out of France and force them to sue for peace before the Sovietís open the nightmare of a two front war. For the Allies, itís time to Liberate Europe!


Campaign Structure:

The campaign will be played in 15 Turns representing 4 days each for June 30th to August 28th 1944. Each turn will have a Naval phase then a Ground phase.






Campaign Mechanics:

The campaign will have two players and will use GENERAL QUARTERS, FLAMES of WAR, Rise and Decline of the 3rd Reich and a number of other tactical and Strategic game systems to plan out the campaign.


Campaign Objectives:

Reduce the Allied BEACHEAD in France to 1 Hex or COMPLETELY Remove the Allied Presence in France. DECISIVE GERMAN VICTORY
Attain the most points awarded for control of Hexes in  Northern France, the Low Countries and on the  Western Boarder of Germany by the end of turn 15.  VICTORY
The Allies holding the City of Paris by the end of turn 15. DECISIVE ALLIED VICTORY


HEX VICTORY POINTS                                                                   ALLIES            GERMAN

Hexes occupied/controlled in France north of Bordeaux                  2                                  2

The Low Countries                                                                             4                                  2

The western German Boarder Hexes                                                6                                  1


Campaign LOG: