France 1944 Alt History Campaign: Naval Forces

Allied                                                                           German

Harwich                                                                       Wilhelmshaven

HMS Lion                                                                                               Hindenburg

USS Montana                                                                                        Jutland

HMS Nelson                                                                                          Tirpitz

HMS Rodney                                                                                         Gneisenau

HMS Warspite                                                                                      Ohne

HMS Ramilies                                                                                        Panzer

USS Nevada                                                                                           Quatsch

USS Texas                                                                                              Lutzow

USS Arkansas                                                                                        Scheer

15 HMS Cruisers                                                                                  15 Cruisers

30 HMS Destroyers                                                                             30 Destroyers

28 HMS MTBs                                                                                       10 XXI U-Boats

60 Freighters/transports

Portsmouth                                                                 Antwerp

13 USS Cruisers (4CAs/9CLs)                                                            20 XXIII U-Boats

20 USS Destroyers                                                                               20 Molch U-Boats

5 HMS Destroyers                                                                                20 Biber U-Boats

20 Freighters/transports                                                                    20 Seehund U-Boats

Southampton                                                               L’Havre

20 Freighters/transports                                                                    16 S-Boats

                                                                                                                20 Neger U-Boats (2Hex Range)

                                                                                                                30 Marder U-Boats (2Hex Range)

Plymouth                                                                     Brest

2 HMS Destroyers                                                                                20 IX U-Boats

                                                                                                                40 VII U-Boats

German Port Restrictions: Due to the overwhelming Allied air superiority all German Capital ships (Pocket Battleships and Larger) must be stationed in Germany or Norway. Neger and Marder U-Boats can only redeploy to Calais, Antwerp, The Hague or Germany.

France 1944 Alt History Campaign: Nautical Logistics [PORTS]

Harwich (London’s Extended Terminal)        

300,000 tons per Turn Capacity



200,000 tons per Turn Capacity



200,000 tons per Turn Capacity



100,000 tons per Turn Capacity


50,000 tons per Turn Capacity (100,000 tons per Turn Capacity Undamaged)

Current Depoe Level:  0 tons

Gold Beach Bridgehead                                                         

75,000 tons per Turn Capacity

Current Depoe Level: 75,000 tons

Red Beach Bridgehead                                                          

75,000 tons per Turn Capacity

Current Depoe Level: 30,000 tons


100,000 tons per Turn Capacity

Current Depoe Level: GERMAN OCCUPIED


200,000 tons per Turn Capacity

Current Depoe Level: GERMAN OCCUPIED




Nautical Logistics [MERCHANT MARINE]

Allied Freighter Cargo Capacity: 3,000 to 5,000 tons of supplies

(Note no Tankers were used in Overlord. All fuel was carried by freighters in Barrels. Tankers were used to haul bulk crude and aviation fuels to Refineries and Depoe’s in England.)

Allied Transport Capacity:  1 Troop Transport needed for an Infantry division (1-3)

                                                2 Troop Transports needed for a dual Infantry Division Unit Corp (2-3)

                                                3 Troop Transports needed for an Infantry Corp (3-3)

1 Troop Transports needed for an Armor division (2-5) plus one Freighter

                                                2 Troop Transports needed for a dual Armor division unit (4-5) plus two Freighters

                                                3 Troop Transports needed for an Armor Corp (5-6) plus three Freighters


Logistics [Supply]


Trace an undisputed line back to a city that itself has an undisputed line back to the German Boarder and your unit is in supply.


Trace an undisputed line back to a city that itself has an undisputed line back to the Port or Bridgehead with enough tons of materials for your unit and your unit is in supply.

Allied Supply Consumption: Every division uses roughly 1000tons of materials a day thus an Allied Division in France must be able to trace supply to a Depoe with 4000tons of supplies available to it to be “In Supply” every turn.

HISTORICAL EXAMPLE: On June 30th 1944 the Allies had 27 divisions in France in the Normandy region. They had 105,000 tons of supplies on mobile docks setup up on the Gold and Red Beach Bridgeheads.

For these Allied units to stay in supply, another 3000 tons of materials would have to arrive this turn.

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