"The Ruined CLouds"










Ambassador VOITAN'S LOG:

NSS Sunrise Maiden

CREW ROUSER (By Berths):

CAPTAIN'S CABIN : Ambassador Voitan

CABIN ONE: Dr. E-Gor-O-Vich (Volus Scientist), Blasto (acting publicity Officer) and Quoyle (His Bat Man), Ai Medical Spec. Irwin Wade (Human APEX)

CABIN TWO: Raul, His 2nd Lt, Yanagis, His Lt,

CABIN THREE: Aleena (TF APEX Leader), Sal Desamore (Salarian Eng. APEX), Earl (Angarian Soldier & APEX Trooper), Kloros (DE Information Agent and Cyborg)

CARGO BAY ONE: (Mech Bay) 3 HYDRA Mechs & Voitan's Nomad, The ancient robot found on the "Drift Rock".

CARGO BAY TWO: Dr. Ecurb(In an Ai Statis Cryo Pod) Dr. E-Gor-O-Vich Volus Scientist's Faber Lab, 2nd Legion and his Geth recharging station

TOTAL EXP SO FAR during the 4th Campaign :

Ambassador Voitan: 469,278 + 30,600 = 499,878 (LEVEL 15)

Dr E-Gor-O-Vich 454,904 + 30,600 = 485,504 (LEVEL 15 )

Kloro Zysstus 236,400 + 30,600 = 267,00 (LEVEL 13 )

2nd Legion  302,300+ 30,600= 332,900 (LEVEL 14 )

BLASTO :   1,768,219 + 15,300 = 1,783,519 (LEVEL 19)

QUOYLE (BLASTO'S BODY GUARD) : 47,477 + 15,300 = 62,747  (LEVEL 9)

Aleena (APEX TEAM Leader) 70,307+ 15,300 = 85,607 (LEVEL 10)

Raul (VARGR Space Marine 1stLt) 55,307+15,300= 70,607(LEVEL 10)

Voilar (VARGR 2ndLt) 46,000+15,300= 61,000  (LEVEL 9)

Yanagis (VESK Champion) 59,307+15,300= 74,607  (LEVEL 10)

Hantis (VESK Lt ) 44,000+ 15,300= 59,300 (LEVEL 9)

APEX Medic Dr. Irwin Wade (Human ) 44,000+ 15,300= 59,300


APEX Sal Desamore(Salarian Eng.)44,000+ 15,300= 59,300(LEVEL 9)

Earl (Angarian APEX Trooper)  44,000+ 15,300= 59,300(LEVEL 9)

Current cash reserve

1,785,720 MWGCr (Milky Way Galaxy Credit) & 3 Angaran Crystals & 7 Remnant Drift Crystals

1,007,000 +100,000 PC (PACT CREDIT)

Current PARAGON Points: 81 + 14 = 95

Current RENEGADE Points: 96 +23 = 100(MAX)











11/12-13/2020: Absalom Station



Chapter 12

Opening Scene: The DRIFT & Fearful Symetry 

10:36 June 30th  2821 NST

After “Drift Driving” for a little over 3 and a half days on their way to Nejeor, the Sunrise Maiden is intercepted in the Drift by the Azlanti Empire Scout Vessel;

The Fearful Symmetry...


Scene One: The Fearful Symmetry...

10:42 June 30th  2821 NST

The NSS Sunrise Maiden vs the Azlanti Empire Scout Vessel;

The Fearful Symmetry...

The NSS Sunrise Maiden is victorious.

They destroy the scout ship but capture the crew.

The captain kills himself with a poison capsule, but the two Lts are interrogated.

  The Azuriach  Cerebrus Empire has sold the Azlanti Empire the blue prints to DISRUPTOR TORPEDOES.

The two surviving prosoners are put in "Cryo"in  the NSS Sunrise Maiden 's cargo hold.

Scene Two: Nejeor System

01:00 June 31st  2821 NST

After “Drift Driving” to Nejeor System, the

 Sunrise Maiden arrives out of the Drift 8 hour thruster drive away from Nejeor VI. A “Longe Range” Sensor scan with a DC 10+ will result in pinpointing the Gas Giant Nejeor VI is the only planet in the system with any signs of artificial energy activity.

Scene Four: “Welcome to Istamak”

10:00 June 31st  2821 NST: : 

The ancient Holographic sign says “Welcome to Istamak” in the same language as the one found on the “Ushant Drift Rock”.

The city is a crumbling green crystal ruin, over run with thick vegetation.

Perception Checks

DC 35 : The Pad has been used Recently

DC 25: The Kish didn’t like the last group and have a welcome comity awaiting any new invaders. Success is you notice them before they start pelting the landing pad with arrows.

DC 2: Once the Kish start launching arrows, only a 1 out of 20 will even do damage to the teams screens. On a DC of 1 the team may completely miss the fact that they are being ambushed.

4 Kish Hunters (CR4 each) 4,800 exp.

Diplomacy is used with an Omni tool Translation program using the old information from the Drift Rock .

 The hunters will take them to their village: Cloudside Condominiums.

Scene Five: “Cloudside Condominiums”

11:00 June 31st  2821 NST:  

The Hunting party gives the team a tour. The ancient building are worn but in remarkably good shape for 3 million year old structures. They are taken to the community center where they meet their leader Herald Tzayl.

“You’re the third Group of outsiders to visit us. An `Eohi’ Looking Creature was 1st; was friendly. Cult of Devourer troops were next; they killed 12 and corrupted the Hunts master Hybeki, and his  hunt champions. Now there is you.”

Scene Six: “Exploring ISTAMAK”

12:00+ June 31st  2821 NST:  

The team explores the ruined city in the clouds looking for members of the Cult of the Devourer and information on the Stellar Disintegrator.  

Scene Seven: “MAZE OF GHOSTS”

13:00+ June 31st  2821 NST:  

They learn in an ancient museum from a “Living Holograph" that what they are looking for is in the Temple “Found”.

Scene Eight: “TEMPLE FOUND”

14:00+ June 31st  2821 NST:  

The team finds the Temple Found Entrance

They Fight the following battles & are victorious

       D2: Scavenger Slime

       D3: Hall of the Elements

       D5: Library: Xavra Hybeki, 2Eohi & 3 Kish warriors

       D7: Secure Records Room: Tahomen and an Atrocite

Treasure: Stepping Disk to where?


Scene Eleven: “Gate of the Twelve”

14:00+ June 31st 2821 NST:  

Jump to the Coordinates are loaded in the NSS Sunrise Maiden.

2nd Legion makes the observation that there is only a three star system within 5 Lys of that location, and no 12 star systems (Which are extremely rare) within 10,000 LYs. There is only 4 known 12 Star Systems in the entire Andromeda Galaxy. A trinary star system is near these coordinates which includes

2 reds and one yellow star.

Ambassador Voitan’s choices:

                                  Jump to one of the 3 nearby stars 

                                  Jump back to Absalom Station

Voitan selects a Jump back to Absalom Station

19:00 the NSS Sunrise Maiden arrives.

20:00 Meeting with the Star Finder Society leaders.








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