Political Divisions of the PACT worlds

 (A confederation with a council of representatives on Absalom Station)



All planets of Golarion system.


Non-Voting Members

Acturn, Aspis Consortium, Sun, Diaspora, Liavara, & Moons of Bretheda are Protectorates and otherwise considered full members of the PACT


Associates & Allies

Corporations and Religious Organizations, although not voting members can actively lobby, Advocate and participate in PACT organizations including the trade guilds, Stewards and the Starfinders.


The Veskarium is the PACT’s most powerful ally (and the most power former foe, second only to the Swarm and possibly the Azlanti Empire)

Adadar Corp


Knights of Golarion

Skyfire Legion


Defense and Law enforcement

All Members, Associates and Allies maintain their own fleets and agree to come together for mutual defense.

Law Enforcement is handled by the Stewards who act as both a Coast Guard, Constabulary and “Special Ops Force” for the PACT. All Members, Associates and Allies are welcome to join.














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