STARFINDER/5e C6 Nakonis




12:00 March 7th 2823

ACT TWO Nakondis

Planet has 75% Hydrosphere and 99% of the land mass is Forest or Jungle.

1.001 Gravity, 25 hour days

Atmosphere is O/N Earth Standard, Pressure also Earth Standard.


You’re a team of six young recruits from the planet Medridian in the Heleus Alliance, being sent to investigate a

 lead as to the disappearance of thousands if not tens of thousands of Roekar (Angara xenophobes that hate the

 Alliance and its new comers from the MWG and the PACT worlds) that have gone missing over the last 3 years.

Approaching the planet Nakon, the SH3 is intercepted by a pair of unknown drones.

14 more drones following behind and moving up to attack. "A science check" detects highly

classified "MARKER Resonance".

Scene One: Sixteen Drones too many...

 The SH3  intercepted by the 16 unknow drones escapes by using its Mass Effect

 FTL Drive to fly to the edge of the star system. They then FTL jump back right into

the orbit over Nakondis's only city and successfully "Go Dark" to enter the atmosphere

and drop in on the seemingly deserted small Roekar city.


Scene Two: Roekar Madelon's Revenge

14:00 March 7th 2823

Daylight, Late afternoon at the small deserted Roekar city of Madelon's Revenge

Madelon's Revenge was a small city of about 100,000 Roekar.

 The Angaraan Daar is empty of everything including bodies, just ike the last few

colonies visited with one exception, the Roekar HQ in city center has not only an

active power source, but active Cerberus turrets and Loki Mechs patrolling the

exterior. There are also some strange drones, similar but smaller to the ones in

orbit circling the three story build from above.


The team lands the SH3 scout ship on the edge of the city and the team walks

in on foot.

While walking through the empty city the Operatives make Notes: It appears a

Cerberus offensive crushed this strong hold and they left the bodies to rot,

thousands of them. They covered their tracks just as they had in the last couple

of colonies. The Bone Fleet arrived shortly after to collect the bodies for their

own purposes.

Scene Three: Roekar HQ (Now a Cerberus outpost?)

17:00 March 7th 2823

on The team gets creative and uses holograms to sneak by the mechs to gain entry into the HQ.

     From there it was a standard grenade throwing assault rifle flaring room to room slung fest to get

      to the actual control center. The old Roekar Control center was actually repurposed as a trap,

     but the team escaped it.

     In an old storage space off the former "Roekar Gym"


 The Cerberus Engineer escaped to his Kodiak shuttle on the third floor where he escaped,

 flying off to the site of an ancient wrecked Azlanti star ship, The Aeon Venture.

The Azlanti Tecnomancer Olaraja put up more of a fight, actually to the death.

His science team however did surrender and gave the team some of the

details of what was going on.


 The Roekar had been attacking the Cerberus breakaway colonies in the

Azuriach Nebula. The Vargar Republic contacted the Cerberus colonies and offered

to help them and mediate a deal between the Milky Way Galaxy Humans

and the Xenophobic Roekar if the Cerberus humans would give them use of their bases

to against the VESK.

Cerberus didn't want to make a deal with the "Dogs" of the Vargar Republic, but they needed help to fight off the Roekar while they worked on building their new

Azuriach Cerberus Empire or ACE.

When the Vargar brought the Cerberus Humans to Nakondis to negotiate, the Cerberus operatives using their Milky Way Galaxy sensor systems discovered something the Vargar and the Roekar both missed; The Wrecked ancient Azlanti Starship.

The Cerberus operatives pasted this info onto a Cerberus ship visiting the PACT worlds, the SR2 Phoenix and its Commander Delta Shepard who then contacted the Azlanti looking for a better deal than the one they were getting from the Vargar.

The Human Supremist Azlanti Empire jumped at the chance to acquire both the ancient lost ship,

and the Human Supremist Cerberus colonies, along with all their interesting Milky Way Galaxy Technology.

With the help of the Azlanti Empire, Ceberus crushed both the Roekar and Vargar presince in the Azuriach Nebula and the Bridge of stars between the Azuriach and Heleus Nebulas.


After the Cerberus Engineer escaped in his Kodiak shuttle, the team returned to their SH3 Scout ship and pusued it low in the atmosphere to avoid more of the Azlanti Drones.

8 hours later they arrved at the  site of an ancient wrecked Azlanti star ship,

The Aeon Venture.



01:00 March 8th 2823




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