1914 to 1918




The Players


PC# Player Name Character Name Nation Current Command  Rank  VPs
1 Jim Mead Otto Von Snap Imperial Germany SMS U18, Sunk off Scapa Flow. Captured. Fregattenkapitän 174
2 Rick Wiegand Richard Von Wiegand Imperial Germany SMS Derflinger Kontreadmiral 172
3 Dave Gorsline David Von Gorslund Imperial Germany SMS Seydlitz Kontreadmiral 172
4 Mike Killmer Rodney Saint'Clair United Kingdom HMS Garry, 1st British Destroyer Squadron North Sea Commander 106
5 Derik Will Sir Archebald Archabald Ratcatcher the 2nd United Kingdom HMS Indomitable Vice Admiral 104
6 Jim Mead Sir Thurston Howl the 2nd United Kingdom HMS Princess Royal Vice Admiral 104
7 Jim Mead John Goodhart United Kingdom HMS E9, British Submarine Flotilla Baltic Sea Commander 52
8 Jim Mead Rex Reeves United Kingdom WENT DOWN WITH THE HMS Tiger as she sank in the North Sea Commodore 1st Class 51
9 Mike Killmer Laurence Noel United Kingdom HMS E1, British Submarine Flotilla Baltic Sea Commander 33
10 Jim Mead Sligmon Kurtis Imperial Germany SMS G-132 German Destroyer Flotilla Baltic Sea Kapitänleutnant 0
11 Mike Killmer Carl Krause Imperial Germany SMS Agir German  Baltic Sea Fleet Kommodore 0

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