The "Mystery Rock"









CREW ROUSER (By Berths):

CAPTAINS CABIN : Captain Voitan

OFFICERS CABIN ONE: Dr. E-Gor-O-Vich Volus Scientist

OFFICERS CABIN TWO: Blasto (acting publicity Officer) and Quoyle (His Bat Man)

Crew Beths: (Various races, half are Asari)

Cargo Bay One/APEX Barrack : 30 APEX Troopers (Level 8) including one Elcor Heavy Weapons specialist. 10 Vargr Space Marines, 10 Vesk Wariors

Cargo Bay Two: Dr. Dr. E-Gor-O-Vich Volus Scientist and this Faber Lab

Cargo Bay Three:(Mech Bay) 3 HYDRA Mechs & Voitan's Nomad

Shuttle Bay One (Cargo Bay Four):  Stretch Ai SH3 Shuttle

Computer Core : 2nd Legion and his Geth recharging station

TOTAL EXP SO FAR during the 4th Campaign :

Ambassador Voitan: 379,791 + 30,000 = 409,791(LEVEL 14)

Dr E-Gor-O-Vich 351,417+ 30,000 = 381,417 (LEVEL 14 )

Kloro Zysstus 150,000 + 30,000 = 180,000 (LEVEL 12 )

BLASTO :   1,765,719 (LEVEL 19)


Aleena (Blood Talon APEX TEAM Leader) 54,307 + 15,000 = 69,307 (LEVEL 9)

Raul (Blood Talon VARGR TEAM Lt) 36,307 + 15,000 = 51,307(LEVEL 9)

Yanagis (Blood Talon VESK TEAM Champion) 34,307 + 15,000 = 49,307 (LEVEL 8)

Julli Bowman:  66,377 = 66,377(LEVEL 9) Commander of SR3L Frankenstein

2nd Legion 251,000 + 15,000 = 266,000(LEVEL 13 )

The Rest of the crew

 37,899 (LEVEL 8)

 29 APEX Troopers (Level 8)

 9 Vargr Space Marines (LEVEL 8)

 9 Vesk Warriors (LEVEL 8)

Current cash reserve

1,785,720 Cr (MWG) & 3 Angaran Crystals & 7 Remnant Drift Crystals

1,007,000 Cr (PACT)

Current PARAGON Points: 99 - 6  = 93

Current RENEGADE Points: 88












10/01/2020: USHANT



Chapter 6

The Mystery Rock

00:30 May 6th  2821 NST:

The "Mystery Rock" 5000Ls off

Ushant Station, Vargr Republic

Voitan and his team prepares to investigate the strange asteroid towed in by an abandoned mining hauler out of the drift 

Scene One:  

00:31 May 6th  2821 NST

The team investigates caverns D1 & D2. They find blue geodes set up something like a minefield. They utilize 2nd Legion's "Synthetic" properties (as in not being biologically alive) and it works, none of the geodes go off.  They destroy the geodes from a safe distance.


Scene Two:

00:35 May 6th  2821 NST

The team investigates cavern D3. They find ruined hall ways made out of metal/marble material. This confirms Voitan's theory that the "Mystery Rock" is actually a sheared off piece of something larger, and not a naturally formed asteroid. Blue creatures are observed in in cavern D4. 

Scene Three: CONTACTS

00:40 May 6th  2821 NST:

Blue creatures are observed are hostile; "Void Demons" is what Yanagis calls them as they attack.

Several team members are pinned, BUT their Force screens save them. The creatures are then dispatched.

Scene Four:

 00:40 May 6th  2821 NST:

The team continued to cavern D5 where they encountered a new creature; a "Void Dead"


Scene FIVE:

 00:45 May 6th  2821 NST

After Voitan has his team dealt with the "Void Dead" they  investigate the rooms beyond.

D6 is a corridor filled with ancient consoles and screens, still powered and flashing un recognizable symbols.

D7 is a store room? there is a body of a  "Starfinder Society" captain.

A hologram activates and the dead captain describes her fate and the fate of her crew. She offers to transfer the ownership of her ship in return for the return of her crews remains to Starfinder HQ along with her logs.

D8 is a control center. It is guarded by a security robot.

 EMP grenade takes care of this machine. Ambassador Nor's "Observer Skull" offers a reward for the robots retrieval.

D9. An airlock to a closed hanger bay. There is a 70meter long "Starfinder Society" exploration starship, the Sunrise Maiden sitting in there. No apparent damage, other than neglect. The ship has been there for 42 years but is still in excellent condition. After an hour and some minor maintenance the ship is ready to fly. The ship is a "Drift Drive Craft" or DDC and uses thrusters for space "normal" travel, so unlike the MASS EFFECT driven ships of the Alliance, this ship will take about 4 hours to reach

Ushant Station.

Scene SIX:

 06:00 May 6th  2821 NST

Voitan and his team arrive at Ushant Station. It seems Ambassador

 Nor had all their adventures on the Arceon televised accross not only to Ushant station, but the entire Pact Empire. It quickly reached #1 on the vids last night. Interestingly, Nor had all content of the Bone Fleet Officer removed from the transmission...

Voitan gets the Sunrise Maiden a quick inspection at the Veskarium docks where they confirm that the ship and her drive system is sound. Now Voitan has a "Drift" drive capable vessel if the need arises.













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