2185-2186: Andromeda Initiative ships leave the Milky Way galaxy to cross the 2.5 million Light years of dark space for the Andromeda galaxy.

2817: NEXUS Arrives in the Heleus Cluster of the Andromeda galaxy and finds the “golden worlds” observed with the QET telescope 635 years earlier to be either destroyed or inhospitable.

October 2818: The NEXUS Uprising. Almost 40,000 colonists leave the NEXUS as “Exiles”.

November 2818: 4,000 Korgan leave following a broken deal with Acting NEXUS Director Tan.

March 2819: The Human Arc Hyperion arrives at the NEXUS. 1st Campaign Begins

November 2819: The Arc Keelah Si’yah Arrives.

2nd Campaign Begins

April 17th 2820 : NSS Blood Talon completes its 1st 6 month tour of the cluster.

Start of the 3rd Campaign


April 19th 2820 : NSS Blood Talon mission at Fetvun Station.

April 23rd 2820 : Enter the Primus

Battle over Voeld April 25th.


April 26th 2820: Mission to find the NSS Reegar

      April 28th Space Battle of Gesaimo (Nalesh III)


April 30th 2820 : NEXUS War Council  

May 1st NSS Blood Talon fitted with Odyssey drive.

May 9th 2820 : NSS Blood Talon arrives at Kadara.

Takes down 7 of the 9 leaders of the "Three Sabers Privateers" at Point Charyrbdis.

May 14th 2820 : NSS Blood Talon arrives at Elaaden.

Voitan Comfirms the END of the OUTCAST pirate fleet and also confirms the existence of the new Batarian Heleus Hegemony.

May 19th 2820 : NSS Blood Talon arrives at Solaminae

Voitan particapates in the negoattions with the newly contacted Vargr Repuplic, The Veskarium and the new  Cerberus empire in the neighboring Azuriach Nubula. 

May 20th 2820 : NSS Blood Talon arrives at Port Hyperion on Meridian in the SAAJOR System.

May 24th 2820 : NSS Blood Talon arrives at ShoJaon

Investigates Mocalaam , the Fifth planet and Gas Giant of the system and discovers the Kett Ark.

May 25th 2820 : NSS Blood Talon Investigates Pas-48 and the ALIEN BASE there.

June 24th 2820 : NSS Blood Talon Investigates Novolori in the INALAARA system. Voitan and crew meets with the Remnant Jaraadaan.

July 4th  2820 : NSS Blood Talon Leads the Aliance Fleet to Nol system to liberate the planet of Voeld.

July 5th  2820 : The Alliance attacks the Kett Cathedral on Voeld in the Nol system. This effectively ends any organized Kett forces in the Helious Nebula.

August 13th  2820 : NSS Blood Talon captures the rogue Pathfinder on Novolori. The Helious Alliance is now at peace and the dominant power in the Nebula.

The 3rd Campaign ends

Start of the 4th Campaign

December 31th 2820 NST:  NSS CAZADORE and the Heleus Alliance Ambassador Task Forces leaves Meriden and the Helious Nebula.

May 5th 2821 NST: NSS CAZADORE and the Heleus Alliance Ambassador Task Forces reaches “Ushant” system, the most “Rim ward” star system of the Vargr Republic.

July 10th 2821 NST: The Heleus Alliance captures the STELLAR DISINTEGRATOR ending the 4th Campaign.

The 4th Campaign ends

Start of the 5th Campaign

Sunday July 10th 2821 NST: The 5th Battalion of the PACT SDF arrives at  Suskillon...

Sunday August 21st 2821 NST: The survivors of 5th Battalion stop the Swarm Advance into the Suskillon Sector. The Swarm is redirected spin ward, taking the pressure off the Ket and many of the PACT worlds.....

The 5th Campaign ends


August 2821 NST to February 2823 NST: The campaign moves ahead 18 months as the Andromeda Powers regroup after the "Redirection " of the SWARM...

Start of the 6th Campaign




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