Keelah Si’yah, the final lost Ark


Tiran Kandros Director of Nexus Security has offered to finish the fitting out of Voitan's  Havincaw class Turian Blood Talon frigate he and his team of 6 Turian engineers had been slowly building on the Nexus over the last 8 months.

In return he is recruiting Voitan and his cohorts to help

the Turian Pathfinder lead an APEX team to the recently located Quarian Ark, the Keeelah Si'yah that was finally arrived in Andromeda.

The Human, Asari, and Salarian Pathfinders in tehir explorer ships left to investigate the signal from the Keeelah Si'yah10days ago. The Nexus received its last Quantum message from the three other Pathfinders 3 standard days ago. The Turian Pathfinder's ship is a Turian MkX Talon Starfinder which unfortuneately has too short a range to reach the other side of the Nebula so Tiran Kandros Director of Nexus Security has offered to finish the fitting out of Voitan's  Havincaw Frigate, the Blood Talon. The frigate will transport Avitus with his starfighter and his 3 escort pilots and their Nexus SX3 starfighters plus a 36 person APEX boarding party to the Keeelah Si'yah.
The Blood Talon arrived in System H-29-3-17 on MWGTT January 30, 2820 and found the system being patrolled by several Kett starfighters. Rix and this wingmen launched their starfighters to chase them away from the Blood Talon while she approaches the reported location of the Quarian Ark. The Ark is their seems un damaged but is also adrift under minimum power. The Blood Talon docks with the Ark.
Voitan leads this team and the APEX team through the docking tube into the Ark's outer boarding ring and then into the main spheres interior where signs of combat are discovered. Lots of blood BUT no bodies. The enter one of the Ark's travel tubs and find it lined with Mass Effect Stasis pods. The Ark is suppoed to carry 100,00 pods but if all the of the Ark is loaded like this the Ark could be carrying as many as 250,000 pods.
Voitan leads this team and the APEX team down the transit tube to the closest tranist junction....


MISSION LOG CHECK IN: H-29-3-17 on MWGTT January 30, 2820

APEX TEAM (Level 4) 36 NEXUS volunteer troops that are with the team include:
6 Asari Commandos
6 Human Engineers
6 Salarian Infiltrators
6 Turian Sentinels
6 Angarian Soldiers
6 Krogan Vangaurds

The security detail at the docking ring will be: 1 Asari Commando, 2 Engineers, 4 Sentinels, 2 Soldiers, and 2 Vanguards.

 Three scouting teams will prioritize scouting the nearby areas of the breach, each team will consist of: 1 Asari Commandos, 1 Engineer, 2 Infiltrators, and 1 Soldier; the soldiers will act as heavy weapon support for the scouting teams, the engineer will tackle any technical challenges, while the rest excell at scouting. The remaining Apex members will be with us.

The scouting teams should be able to find any nearby threats to the breach, and give them advance warning while calling in for backup if they feel they can neutralize a threat. Intel regarding the Ark, and any survivors is still a priority, but below securing the area around the breach.

9 NEXUS APEX TEAM (Level 4) volunteer troops that are directly with Voitan’s team include:
1 Asari Commandos
1 Human Engineers
2 Turian Sentinels
1 Angarian Soldiers
4 Krogan Vangaurds



A fire figth ensued at the Ark's Transit Hub D5 with One of the APEX Team killed and 6 others critically wounded.

Voitans does recruit the aid of Braxar the Batarian and 2nd Legion the Geth.

Deck 29 Environmental control room for Hanar Habitat D4

Decks 28 -24 Blasto the Iconic Vid Star Hanar

and Quoyle his Drell Bodyguard

Decks 23 to Deck 1 Voitan picks up Allies and then has to

 make a descision.

Stop the Kett for calling Reinforcements and dragging off thousands of MWG prisoners (It appears the GETH stowaways were able to capture the Kett cruiser that had docked here and left leaving 2nd LEGION behind as a rearguard to make their escape.) in Hanger bay 1


Stop the Batarians and Vorcha stowaways from steeling the Arks Shuttles and transports in Hanger bay 2

Lt Commander Voitan decides on trying to save the prisoners first in Hanger bay 1. Then try to get across the Ark to Hanger 2.

Lt Commander Voitan saves the prisoners in Hanger bay 1 sending them out the ventral tramway and then after a heavy 10 round firefight defeat the Kett invaders BEFORE they can get their Quantum Communicator set up.

Upon returning to the NEXUS with the Lost Quarian  Voitan is promoted to "Offical" Commander of the APEX Corps first Frigate, The BLOOD TALON. Director Tann authorizes Voitan to select some Level 7 Weapons systems to arm his Frigate and to pick replacements. BUT News of the REAPER invasion in the MWG is causing quite a stir and Tann wants to keep the NEXUS moral High so he quickly orders off on its next mission. He also assigns Vid Star ICON BLASTO as "Publicity  Officer" just to make sure Voitan stays in line (AND to get BLASTO out of NEXUS Politics).

Next Mission? Where did the Batarians and Vorcha go with the Keeelah Si'yah's Transports? Where did the Geth go with their captured KETT Cruiser?



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