PORT KADARA MAY 26TH 2819  (6/10/2017 Session)


After the the betrayal on Eos, Voitan’s Crew go off grind on their Kodiak and new Exile “HomeBrew” Starfighter and head to Kadara in the Govorkam system.

      There, in the Port’s biggest Bar; Kralla’s Song they meet the assasin’s contractor; Shena, who trades info with the Crew. Spender is definitely dirty. Trevor has a grow operation on the planet plus a processing center, also on the planet. Trevor is currently working for Sloan, the Warlord leader of the “Exiles” and despot of Kadara Port. They also learn that she has lost 75% of her Turian support. 3-4 thousand Turians have “Bugged Out” of the Port to join with “Charybdis” whatever that means. At the Bar the Crew also meet a Salarian in Black and Red painted Armor claiming to be a member of the “Collective”; a group of a few thousand exiles that have broken away from Sloan to set of their own operation.

Next the Crew pay Sloan a vist. On the way there they see a Kodiak shuttle with CERBERUS markings and find Cerbrus Assualt rifles for sale.

      The meeting with Sloan goes well because the Crew decide to play it straight. Sloan admits that Trevor is working for her, but says that he is simply continuing the work started by Dr. Nakamoto. She insists that the drug is a harmless side effect of an antibiotic. They can talk to Nakamoto about it in his clinic in the Kadara slums.

      The Crew goes to the base of the mountain and visit Nakamoto’s Clinic in the slums. The good Doctor confirms that the drug “Oblivian” is an antibiotic in light doses, but is used by Sloan as a pacification drug. Dr. Nakamoto, the drug’s inventor disagreed with Sloan’s use of his discovering and was “exiled” to the slums. He confirms that Trevor is his raw materials supplier and that his assistant, an Asari Pariah named Farenth had taken over production. Dr. Nakamoto did not know the exact location of Trevor’s “Grow” operation, just that it was in the Valley of “Old Skinner”; a 1-3 KM long Flying Remnant Robo-Snake that is one of the reasons why the planet has a HUGE no fly zone around the valley. Dr. Nakamoto gives the Crew the location of the “Processing Plant” in a valley about 100km over from Port Kadara.

      Voitan’s Crew fly over, and when they arrive they find that Trevor and Farenth were busy dismantling to operation and loading it into Hammerhead Shuttles with the Red and Black logo of the “Collective”. A fire fight ensues, Voitan’s Crew called for back up from sloan. Voitan’s Crewmember Jullie, their Human pilot side kick is able to crash land their Stretch Kodiak safety, but it requires heavy repairs. Voitan cashes Trevor in his Exile Star fighter over Old Skninner’s valley where he is shot down.After he lands his Starfighter back at the Port, Voitan and his Crew drive 5 hours in their new Nomad ground rover they acquired on Eos to the Valley of “Old Skinner”....






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