Kiel Bay 1914


 1914 to 1918



 Kiel Bay        October 18th 1914


VPs Gained Player Name Character Name Ships CLASS TOTAL Points: 6 VS TOTAL Points: 29 CLASS Ships Character Name Player Name VPs Gained
33 Mike Killmer Laurence Noel E-1 ESCAPED SS 6   3 TBD G-132 Sligmon Kurtis Jim Mead 0
              26 CA SMS Victoria Louise Damaged      

 Historical Battle

Kiel Bay October 18 1914

The British Submarines E1 entered Kiel bay to hunt German ships there.

two German warships: SMS Aachen and SMS G132

SETUP: See above. UP SCOPE rules system by SPI used. Plus 20 pts for Germans sinking British Submarine in defense of the Kiel Bay

Plus 20 pts for the British Submarine if it can make a successful attack and escape the bay.


Game Length 10 turns (1 hour)


DEPTH: 15 meters


WEATHER : FORCE 1 :  Light Breeze.






Played: June 29th  2018 at Mike's
Out Come:  A success for the Royal British Navy Submarine Service

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