Heligiland Bight August 28th 1914


 1914 to 1918


HELIGOLAND BIGHT August 28th 1914


VPs Gained Player Name Character Name Ships CLASS TOTAL Points: 880 VS TOTAL Points: 878 CLASS Ships Character Name Player Name VPs Gained
51 Jim Mead   DREADNOUGHT BB 72   115 BB KONIG   Rick Wiegand 28
      QUEEN MARY BC 107   114 BC SEYDLITZ   Dave Gorsline 28
      PRINCESS ROYAL BC 105   102 BC MOLTKE      
      LION BC 105   85 BC VON DER TANN      
      NEW ZEALAND BC 74   70 CA BLUCHER      
      INVINCIBLE BC 69   40 CA ROON      
      CRESSY CA 48   40 CA YORCK      
      ABOUKIR CA 48   39 CA PRINZ HEINRICH      
      BACCHANTE CA 48   21 CL STRALSUND      
      HOGUE CA 48   21 CL STRASSBURG      
      EURYALUS CA 48   20 CL COLN      
      DEVONSHIRE CA 44   20 CL KOLBERG      
      ARETHUSA CL 15   20 CL MAINZ      
      FEARLESS CL 14   15 CL DANZIG      
      DD FLOTILLA 1 DD 16   15 CL MUNCHEN      
      DD FLOTILLA 2 2DD SUNK DD 16   15 CL STETTIN      
              14 CL FRAUENLOB: SUNK      
              14 DD DD FLOTILLA II      
              14 DD DD FLOTILLA IV      
              12 TBD TBD FLOTILLA IX      
              12 TBD TBD FLOTILLA X      
              12 TBD TBD FLOTILLA XI ALL SUNK      
              12 TBD TBD FLOTILLA XII 3 TBD SUNK      

 "SEMI" Historical Battle & Campaign Kick off

The Battle of Heligoland Bight, fought August 28th  1914, was the first naval battle of the First World War, fought on 28 August 1914, between the United Kingdom and Imperial Germany.

In an attempt to balance the battle for playability the BRN sent 23 of their 33 Destroyers to the mouth of the Thames to search for

10 U-Boats that were reported there harassing shipping. The BRN then reassigned the HMS Dreadnought to the Assault force to make up for the loss of the 23 destroyers.

On the German side the SMS Konig which was doing Sea Trials in the Bight had her trials extend another week and thus her and her escorts were available to add the German cruisers in the Bight during the battle.


SETUP: Germans setp up first starting with placing two REAL and two DECOY mine fields,

each centered 12 to 20" away from Heligoland island.


MINES: 12"by12" FULL (10) fields


SMS  Stettin and SMS Frauenlob  setup 4" to 10" NW of Heligoland Islands.

German DDs  Enter for the NE 24" of map. Rest of Imperial German Fleet enters off the East map side.


BRN CLs Fearless and Arethusa start 12" onto the map from the center of the North side each with a DD flotilla behind them.

The remaining BRN assault force may enter from the North West half of the map.


Germans receive 20Vps if they force the British off the Board


WEATHER : FORCE 3 : Moderate Breeze






Played: June 4th  2018 at Rick's
Out Come:  A successful Raid for the BRN

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