Setup on Eos MAY 25TH 2819  (5/20/2017 Session)

The string of betrayals never ends! Or at the very least, our heroes don't expect it to. While at the Nexus, everyone is approached by the Assistant Director of Colonial Affairs, William Spender. We were hastily given the task of retrieving 2 cargo containers left at an abandoned colony, and to input a mysterious code in the colony's computer systems, with no explanation for what the code does. Sensing more to the story, and the same dirty scumbag vibes as their previous employers, no one in the group believes his story for a second.

They take his credits, the "free shuttle" and omni/medigel, and whatever repair equipment they could stuff in the shuttle before leaving for Eos in the Pytheas system, expecting no further payment from their sketchy employer. As they make jump points, Voitan, and Rennab sabotage the transponder tracker, and double check to make sure the shuttle can't be remotely hijacked.

The approach to the settlement at Eos is rocky, but the group makes it. As the shuttle begins landing, the sensors detect a human amongst the settlement's buildings, with colors reminiscent of Cerberus livery. Expecting a setup, we jam the area with our ECM, as we exit the shuttle, and surround the human's position. Voitan takes a position as the lead scout while cloaked, and throws an assault drone for overwatch, while the rest fan out to see who's inside the can-hab. Luckily for the group, the Asari Adept, Thellaria, senses immediate danger, as she reads the thoughts of the human readying a shot at the party. Voitan understands this to be a sniper lining up a shot on the group, and tells them to hit the dirt, and find cover. The shot never comes, but through her telepathic link, Thellaria can sense the human is alarmed why their target took immediate cover. The Krogan soldier Wruk breaches into the can hab, and immediately catches on that claymores have been set up to blow the entire hab to smithereens, and anyone who enters it. Whoever was here, knew we were coming, and had time to set up traps. Wruk makes quick work disarming the bombs.

Voitan immediately begins scaling the nearby terrain for the position of whoever this cloaked sniper was, and recieves word from Thellaria that the human is already at the same bluff he's on, getting closer to him, as she speaks. As Voitan reaches the top, he spots a small fighter primed, and ready for lift off, and at that moment the human comes into sight, about to enter the fighter himself. Voitan lines up his own shot, and turns the human's head to mush with a single round.Before everyone even has a moments breath, a Kett dropship flies in, and unloads its troops right above the group's shuttle. Apparently our entree into Eos was not very graceful, nor subtle.

Voitan commandeers the vacant figher, as the rest of the group takes cover from the Kett assault squad. Luckily the troop transport flies off, for now, but the hail of plasma fire from the Kett troopers is withering to anyone caught by any of the plasma bolts. Thellaria uses singularity, lifting one Kett trooper into it's crushing power. Wruk & Rennab, open fire on the Kett, taking a few down as well. As Voitan's flight preparations are completed, it turns into a full on slaughter against the Kett, as the fighter chews into the troops, leaving any survivors for Wruk, and Rennab to finish off.

Perhaps not sensing any further communication from its squad members, the troop transport circles back around, but now it faces off against a starship with weapons capable of penetrating its shields, and armor. It doesn't end well for the troop transport, and Voitan chases it to the very end as it flees, as any further reinforcements from the Kett would be too overwhelming.

The rest of the group meanwhile, investigates the remains of the colony. Thellaria suspects the entire affair was a trap, Rannab agrees, and begins studying what the code really does, as he makes a copy of the data in the colony's computer systems. The code was meant to delete all records in the colony's files, and the containers each have a Nomad transport inside them, only one which the group can open from its lock. As everyone meets up, the group concludes that William Spender, the Assistant Director of Colonial affairs, likely wanted to cover up what was in the records, which shows that Exile scavengers began plundering the colony after it was wiped by the Kett. Scavengers resembling the human they just killed, and he likely has ties to the group of scavengers, and this is his method of off the records procurement for their operations. Send a group, or colony out, let them get annihilated, and then allow the Exiles to reap what bounty is left behind.

With little time left to ponder their developments, the group makes a hasty exit from the colony after taking with them a nice new Nomad transport, a supped up space fighter, the human sniper's equipment, and the data from the colony. Further study from the space fighter's records show that it regularly makes landings at planet Kadara, a notorious planet inhabited by Exiles in the Govorkam system. With a suspicious trail going to Kadara, and unfinished business with Trevor who operates there, the group decides its the next place to go.

Data contributed by Voitan, Pic Left (Ricky Norton)

Pic of William Spender below




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