EXPLORING  ELAADEN MARCH 20TH 2819  (4/29/2017 Session)

After exploring the New Tuchanka surrounding area Thellaria secured an invite to the "Flop House" the largest of the exile camps in Elaaden's wastes. She used the excuse of wanting to purchase "Oblivion" as an in. Her plan was to try to get a lead on Trevor, the Human that stole her Veron Dipper.

While there they were invited to a "Road Warrior" Style raid on The Paridise at Liberty city. Voitan successfully warns the Angarian settlement of the coming attack, BUT is caught in the process. The party is through in a prison cave were they meet 8 Turians that where found in the Elaaden wastes. They have refused to join the Marauders and were placed in the prison. The party learns they were on the Turian ark but were that ship is now they dont know.

Several hours Nakmorr Strux, a krogan they meet at New Tuchanka arives with a shuttle and busts them out. BUT his assistance isn't free. He wants the party and their new Turian friends to due him a favor. He wants them to enter a immense "Remnant Dreadnought" half buried in the Elaaden sands and retrieve its drive core.

The party succeeds in retrieving the drive core after fighting their way out past many of the Remnant bots. Nakmorr Strux, picks them up, BUT then betrays them. His thugs get the drive core but with their new Turian friends are able to escape with their lives.


The party is picked up by NEXUS Smuggler Verta Nyx who was making a stop at the Paradise was commissioned by Aneea (Owner Operator of the Paradise) to save the party responsible for warning them of the raider attack.  Verta Nyx gives the party a lift to the NEXUS where they are just in time to witness the arrival of teh Human ark Hyperion arrive. The party is intergrated into the NEXUS as "Temproray construction works" working on the "Vortex" a new night club the NEXUS leadership decides to build in the port area to boost moral and entertain the newly arrived Human colonists.





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