"EOX Planet of the Dead"








NSS Sunrise Maiden

CREW ROUSER (By Berths):

CAPTAIN'S CABIN : Captain Voitan

CABIN ONE: Dr. E-Gor-O-Vich (Volus Scientist), Blasto (acting publicity Officer) and Quoyle (His Bat Man), Ai Medical Spec. Irwin Wade (Human APEX)

CABIN TWO: Raul, His 2nd Lt, Yanagis, His Lt,

CABIN THREE: Aleena (TF APEX Leader), Sal Desamore (Salarian Eng. APEX), Earl (Angarian Soldier & APEX Trooper), Kloros (DE Information Agent and Cyborg)

CARGO BAY ONE: (Mech Bay) 3 HYDRA Mechs & Voitan's Nomad, The ancient robot found on the "Drift Rock".

CARGO BAY TWO: Dr. Ecurb(In an Ai Statis Cryo Pod) Dr. E-Gor-O-Vich Volus Scientist's Faber Lab, 2nd Legion and his Geth recharging station

TOTAL EXP SO FAR during the 4th Campaign :

Ambassador Voitan: 451,978 + 17,300 = 469,278 (LEVEL 15)

Dr E-Gor-O-Vich 437,604 + 17,300 = 454,904 (LEVEL 15 )

Kloro Zysstus 219,100 + 17,300 = 236,400 (LEVEL 13 )

2nd Legion  285,000+ 17,300= 302,300 (LEVEL 14 )

BLASTO :   1,768,219 + 1,000 = 1,769,219 (LEVEL 19)


Aleena (APEX TEAM Leader) 70,307 (LEVEL 9)

Raul (VARGR Space Marine 1stLt) 52,307(LEVEL 9)

Voilar (VARGR 2ndLt) 46,000  (LEVEL 8)

Yanagis (VESK Champion) 59,307  (LEVEL 9)

Hantis (VESK Lt ) 44,000 (LEVEL 8)

APEX Medic Dr. Irwin Wade (Human ) 44,000(LEVEL 8)

APEX Sal Desamore(Salarian Eng.) 44,000(LEVEL 8)

Earl (Angarian APEX Trooper)  44,000(LEVEL 8)

Current cash reserve

1,785,720 MWGCr (Milky Way Galaxy Credit) & 3 Angaran Crystals & 7 Remnant Drift Crystals

1,007,000 +100,000 PC (PACT CREDIT)

Current PARAGON Points: 93 - 12 = 81

Current RENEGADE Points: 76 +20 = 96












11/12-13/2020: Absalom Station



Chapter 11

Opening Scene:, A Gift of the Dark Dreaming King

12:00 June 21th  2821 NST

After “Drift Driving” to Absalom Station, the NSS Sunrise’s

crew visit the Aucturn Embassy to raise the dead Bone Fleet officer.

After conferring with “Carsai” (the “Dirty Harry” of Aucturn) by QEC,

 he agrees to supply  a “Necromancer” to temporarily re animate

the dead “Bone” Officer for interrogation at his embassy on

Absalom station.

They get 15 questions answered...




Scene One: EOX Planet of the Dead

12:00 June 24th  2821 NST

After “Drift Driving” to Eox, the NSS Sunrise Maiden they arrive in Eox orbit.

Contact: Ms. Trux, Eox’s Ministry of Eternal Vigilance

The Team of Voitan, Egore,Krolo and 2nd Legion explore the Necropolis of

Orphys & the SPLICE

They go to the

Ministry of Eternal Vigilance

Leads: Fleshworn Fabrications & Pensioner’s Flats

Ambassador Nor left a message for them as well.

[My sources in the “The Bone Fleet” as decided to make your destruction a priority. They are aware that you are on Eox. Expect Assassins.]

Scene Two: EOX; Fleshworn Fabrications

13:00 June 24th  2821 NST

The Team investigate a Necro “Flesh Brewery”

They learn that there have been several stolen shipments lately.


Scene Three: EOX; Nihilis Ambush at Pensioner’s Flats

14:00 June 24th  2821 NST

The team arrives to witness three Elebrian ghoul soldiers attacking the “retired”

Bone Trooper Gretal Rapinder.

They are then Ambushed by 8 Nihilis Space Skeletons who attempts to ambush

the party: Voitan, Dr Egore, Krolo, & 2nd Legion are victorious.

Gretal Rapinder gives coordinates to the “Dead Fleet” meetings outside of the city,

its in a "Park" outside the protective dome.

The atmosphere is poisonous so Environmental gear required!

Nor gives the team a 50 Security Robot escort.

Scene Four: Skull Cap Gorge

15:00 June 24th  2821 NST

The team follows a lead to Skull Cap Gorge Park about 10km outside the Necropolis.

There they are once again ambushed.

Ellicoth CR9 (Trampleram) 6,400 exp

SF AA1 Page48

Marrowblight CR7 (Xera) 3,200 exp

A necromorph of the Dominion of the Black.

Carries a Thunderstrike HMG Sonic Disruptor

Elebrian Jang-Shi Operative CR6(Captain Vesh)2,400 exp

Jang-Shi  Vampire using a

Shirren-eye Snipper Rifle and a

Corona laser pistol


50 x Bone Troopers CR3 40,000 Exp

Size: M Undead Elebrians armed with

DoB Disintegrator Rifles

Voitan, Dr Egore, Krolo, & 2nd Legion are victorious. All 50 of the Sec Robots are destroyed.

Scene 5: Return to the Ministry of Eternal Vigilance

16:00 June 24th  2821 NST

Voitan, Dr Egore, Krolo, & 2nd Legion drag in a captured Captain Vesh and are

rewarded with the location of the Nejeor star system in the Kett/Swarm disputed zone

on the edge of DEAD SPACE.

(It was on Vesh's Encypted data pad which required Nor to help get the data off)

 Ambassador Nor also gives the team 100,000 Pact Credits for the bounty for

Captain Vesh's capture.

Scene 5: Orphys Space port

17:00 June 24th  2821 NST

Ambassador Voitan is contacted by ADABA Corporation, the largest corporation in PACT Space.

They have been following Voitan's crew and the board has decided to pay for their ship's upgrade to

Level 15 free of charge at one of their "Platinum" rated ship yards on Absalom station. Mean while

Ambassador Nor of the EXOIAN government upon hearing about a "Bone Fleet" battle squadron

sitting in Drift Space near EOX, offers the Sunrise Maiden an Escort. Nor hires a famous

Hell Knight Captain to escort the Sunrise Maiden through Drift space to Absalom station.

The NSS Sunrise Maiden Leaves EOX to await in Orbit of the EOXIAN Super Station, the Sentinel

while their escort arrives.

Scene 6: The Sentinal

18:00 June 24th  2821 NST

HKnight DD Hellrider escorts the NSS Sunrise Maiden into Drift Space

Scene 7: Blockade in Drift Space

17:00 June 24th  2821 NST

Bone attempts to destroy the Sunrise & Hellrider .

The HK DD runs interference and both ships escape.

The Sunrise Maiden cleanly while the Hellrider barely with 1 hp.

Scene 8: Absalom upgrade  

17:00 June 26th  2821 NST

The Sunrise Maiden is upgraded to 556BP: Tier 15.

She leaves for the Nejeor Star System. (A 4Day,8h & 36m Drift for the Sunrise Maiden)

Scene 9: DRIFT & Fearful Symmetry  

10:36 June 30th  2821 NST

 The Sunrise Maiden is intercepted in the Drift by the

Azlanti Empire Scout Vessel; The Fearful Symmetry...







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