Played March 15TH 2016

Length 180 minutes

Another German battle cruiser raid, this time on the British trawlers and patrol craft on the Dogger Bank at the northern mouth of the English Channel. The British know have the German codes now thanks to the loss of a German light cruiser in the Baltic to a mine and some Russian divers.

This battle is an even match because the British have left the HMS New Zealand and HMS Indomitable in the Mediterranean to help the French Blockade the Austrians and Italians. The Germans know the British are short ships decide to leave the Blucher on station in in Baltic.

OBJECTIVE: Destroy each other.

As itís a day battle thus giving the British the advantage of longer range and they scored early hits on the Germans who then decided to try to disengage. It then turned into a long running gun battle which only ended when the Germans reached the safety of their Heligoland minefields.

Conclusion: All ships damaged but none sunk.    Back to Jim's Gaming page