Dead Space... 



CREW ROUSER (By Berths):

CAPTAINS CABIN : Captain Voitan

OFFICERS CABIN ONE: Dr. E-Gor-O-Vich Volus Scientist

OFFICERS CABIN TWO: Blasto (acting publicity Officer) and Quoyle (His Bat Man)

Crew Beths: (Various races, half are Asari)

Cargo Bay One/APEX Barrack : 30 APEX Troopers (Level 7) including one Elcor Heavy Weapons specialist. 10 Vargr Space Marines, 10 Vesk Wariors

Cargo Bay Two: Dr. Dr. E-Gor-O-Vich Volus Scientist and this Faber Lab

Cargo Bay Three:(Mech Bay) 3 HYDRA Mechs & Voitan's Nomad

Shuttle Bay One (Cargo Bay Four):  Stretch Ai SH3 Shuttle

Computer Core : 2nd Legion and his Geth recharging station

TOTAL EXP SO FAR during the 4th Campaign :

Ambassador Voitan: 274,191 + 50,000 = 324,191(LEVEL 14)

Dr E-Gor-O-Vich 240,817 + 50,000 = 290,817 (LEVEL 13 )

BLASTO :   1,765,719 (LEVEL 19)


Aleena (Blood Talon APEX TEAM Leader) 54,307 (LEVEL 9)

Raul (Blood Talon VARGR TEAM Lt) 36,307(LEVEL 8)

Yanagis (Blood Talon VESK TEAM Champion) 34,307 (LEVEL 8)

Julli Bowman:  65,377(LEVEL 9) Commander of SR3L Frankenstein

2nd Legion 250,00(LEVEL 13 )

The Rest of the crew

 37,899 (LEVEL 8)

 29 APEX Troopers (Level 7)

 9 Vargr Space Marines (LEVEL 7)

 9 Vesk Warriors (LEVEL 7)

Current cash reserve

1,785,720 Cr (MWG) & 3 Angaran Crystals & 7 Remnant Drift Crystals

Current PARAGON Points: 95 - 9  = 86

Current RENEGADE Points: 61 - 2  = 59




"Riven Shroud: A damaged... ruin... of a Dyson Sphere, though much is still inhabitable. There's a variety of known and unknown races currently exploring it, and it's also got defenses that engage approaching ships from time to time. However, it's seemingly using ruined ships to try and repair itself. But what happened to the crews? Spooky stuff, no doubt". Could be a fun challenge...

                                                                                            Yanagis, Champion of the VESK assigned the NSS CAZADORE









09/03/2020: DEAD SPACE 

Chapter 2

Opening Scene: Alliance Task Force

Alliance Task Force has left the Meridian System & the Helios Cluster

and is crossing the  DEAD SPACE zone of the Helios Quadrant of the

Andromeda Galaxy.

The Spirite Walkers now have Blue and Gold Crews, one awake and one in Ai Cryo Stasis

All personnel in the Fleet have had base line brain scan

A full Cousel staff is on the CAZADORE

EC Network for the FLEET. It has a Entertainment channel and Gamming channel for crews mental health.

Crews Marines' will drill using LADAR HUD with HELMETS ALWAYS ON

Crews have a Combat Dodge ball tournament set up


Scene One:

DAY 28 of crossing

08:00 January 28th 2821 NST

Crews showing Excellent morale with inter ship sports competitions and Fleet network gaming. General atmosphere is now more a joint ship vacation party cruise than a military/diplomatic mission.

Discipline has also repaired high with no negative reports.

On the 7th Navigation check a large (multi-system wide)

debris flield detected directly ahead. Detour around would add

2 days to crossing.

The debris field appears to be the remains of several star systems

destroyed during the Galactic collision between Andromeda

galaxy(M31) and its dwarf companion M32 that created the

Dead Space roughly 3 million standard years ago.

Voitan orders the Fleet to stay on course.

Decoy ship sent out ahead.

100 sensor contacts made surrounding the decoy ship.

The Feet warps in to investigate sensor contacts

Scene Two:

DAY 28 of crossing

16:00 January 28th 2821 NST:

The Feet warps in to investigate sensor contacts

Fleet encounters a "Chorus" of Asterays; Space Sirens.

The Helios Alliance's first contact with intelligent life in DEAD SPACE.

First contact goes well. Dr. E-Gor-O-Vich gives them a "present of MWG & Angaran music". They in turn tell him they will owe him a


When asked how he will be able to contact them again, he was told,

If he is on "this ship" (the Cazadore) he will be able to.

By 23:00 the Fleet leaves the debris field and the Asterays

return to their home

Scene Three :

DAY 32 of crossing

16:00 February 1st  2821 NST:

On the 8th Navigation check a Rogue Planet is detected directly ahead.

Its a Barren rock that lost its stellar system during the

Galactic collision between Andromeda galaxy(M31)

and its dwarf companion M32 3 million standard years ago.

but signs of recent mining.

Scene Four :

DAY 36 of crossing

12:00 February 5th  2821 NST:

On the 9th Navigation check

a large (multi-system wide) field of DARK MATTER is detected

 directly  ahead.

Although Dark matter fields are common in the MWG as it is here in

Andromeda  this one is not only the largest ever encountered in both

Galaxies, but also the most dense.

Voitan orders the Fleet to go around it,

adding 2 days to the crossing

During these two days around the  DARK MATTER field all 5 of the

ships in Fleet report a

Drop in morale

Lack of Sleep

A feeling of being watched.

These "Feeling" abate somewhat, but not completely as the Fleet

 leaves this field behind.

Scene Five :

DAY 42 of crossing

08:00 February 11th  2821 NST:

On the 10th Navigation check a Red Dwarf Star System is detected

2 days off from current course. System appears to be empty.

Voitan declines to investigate and the Fleet remains on course.

Scene Six :

DAY 50 of crossing

16:00 February 19tn  2821 NST:

On the 12th Navigation check a Yellow Dwarf Star System is detected

2 days off from current course. System appears to have EMP activity.

Voitan decides to investigate and the Fleet changes course.

Scene Seven :

DAY 52 of crossing & 672 Light Years into DEAD SPACE

08:00 February 21st  2821 NST:

The Fleet arrives in the Riven System. Both Yanagis and Raul

confirm this is the infamous that contains an

ancient (3 million standard year old) ruined  Dyson sphere.

Multiple sensor contact and signals (possibly SOSs) are discovered.

 Voitan moves the Fleet in to investigate...







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