STARFINDER/5e C6 Dar'Hagah





12:00 January 16th 2823

A NEXUS scouting fleet in search of the Batarian Andromeda Hegemony revisited a system last visited by Pathfinder Scoout Ryder in 2819. The system was originally explored by and named by a Solarian Outcast that has since disappeared under vague circumstances in 2817. The Angarians have very little information on the system. The Solarian named the system after the Batarian's first successful astronaut, Dar'Hagah.

It appears the initial survey miss listed the atmosphere pressure and make up of the third planet (Na'Grale, the name of the Batarian's first lunar Lander) in 2817 as 1019 atmospheres and Toxic. In reality the planet, although heavy in silica dust is breathable by most races and is is only 1.019 MWG standard.

The scout fleet would have completely missed this error too if they hadn't arrived just as a strange starship was detected entering Drift Space from Na'Grale's orbit. Moving into investigate, the scout fleet was attacked by several squadrons of Star Fighters of Batarian, Kett and now identified as Drow Elfven disign. Luckily the APEX forces although out numbered far out skilled their attackers and won the battle.

 A large Batarian base, supposedly founded in 2820 three years ago shortly after the arrival of the last MWG Ark Keelah Si’yah. The base was later conquered by a larger APEX fleet from the NEXUS and several "Vor Cha" members of a race from the MWG were "freed" from Batarian bondage.

All other details have since been classified as sensitive by the New

Heleus Alliance President Ryder.

As many as 4000 former Outcasts from the Nexus and 5000 Batarians from the MWG Ark Keelah Si’yah are still considered missing following the

Scylla and Charybdis incident in May 2820.






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