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Chapter 7:

Opening Scene: May 9th 2820

Voitan and his team arrives at “Point Charybdis” the “Resort” that has been causing Mayor Christmas Tate and Dr Nakamoto concern NE of Diteaon. Voitan had both the Blood Talon positioned in orbit and the Stretch Kodiak ready with reinforcements if needed. Looks like that was a good call. The team was faced with a custom Hydra Mech and 5 other high Level Foes. Combat ensued almost immediately…

Scene One:

In the combat that ensued Captain Voitan was Victorious. Blasto narrated all the action and incorporated it into his episodic Q-Cast back to the NEXUS.

Although most of the resort was destroyed in the fighting (the Salarian Outsider blew the main building) Voitan’s team extracted the location of both the remaining “Outcast” Star Ship yards. One is on the other side of the planet on Kadar, the Other is on Elaaden near the infamous “Flop House.” Voitan orders a course set for Elaaden in the Zaubray system. Losses in Voitan’s APEX team was one Salarian and a severely injured Asari (She fully recovers by the time they reach Elaaden).

Scene Two: MAY 14th 2820: Elaaden

64 Lys and about 5 days later the Blood Talon drops out of warp in orbit of Elaaden. Captain Voitan and Dr. Ecurb receive messages. The NEXUS message to Voitan is that war production is grinding to a halt due to lack of materials. Dr. Ecurbs message is from the joint Ai / Korgan colony. There was a big space battle just a day ago in orbit and heavy fighting in and around the Flop House. Krogan scouts and the lead colony scientist Vorn need his help verifying their findings there.

In Obit the Blood Talon scans the 6 wrecks. All are highly modified versions of the Themis class AI star transport ships. Five are the ones Dr. Addison foolishly gave to the “Three Sabers Privateers” 3 years ago, but the 6th was a ship stolen by the Batarians from the Keelah’Sali 5 months ago. The 6th ship was also interesting in that it has dead vorcha onboard and Id markings in Batarian calling it “Slave-6 of the Batarian Heleus Hegemony.”  

They land their Stretch Kodiak and join the Elaaden’s lead Korgan Scientist Vorn and his scouts. Dr. Ecurb confirms Vorns fears; the Batarians are the ones that wiped out the Flop House and took all the survivors as slaves. They also took the last of the Ousider’s Star ship yards, and a Frigate sized ship they were building for the Batarians. Seems they were planning to double cross the Batarians, but the Batarians instead beat them to the punch.

Voitan now receives a message from Senior Pathfinder Ryder. He needs Voitan and the Blood Talon in the Solaminae system. Voitan now has a dilemma, Chase the Batarians and the 3200+ Outcast prisoners OR help Ryder?

Voitan makes his decision.

Scene Three: MAY 19th2820: Solaminae system

The Blood Talon arrives in the Solaminae system and meets up with the Ai Tempest and 3 other ships.

Seems Ryder had 1st contact with at least two new Andromeda Star Nations.

The Third ship is the from a new start Empire from an old organization from the Milky Way Galaxy, Cerberus; their new beginning in Andromeda is in the Azuriach Nebula less than 500 Lys from the Heleus Cluster. The ship is the  ACE (Andromeda Cerberus Empire) Phoenix SR2.

The Dreadnought next to it is their new patrons in Andromeda, The Vargr (a Canine race that resembles werewolves)Republic Battle Cruiser Furious. They are helping the Humans of the Azuriach cluster because they think they will be a good buffer between them and the Hissss’T’Veskarium. The Vargr seem willing to help as they also are having trouble with the Kett, but the ACE representative convinces the Vargr Captain is withhold his commitments till the Roekaar issue is dealt with. Seems the Roekaar have been VERY active in the Solaminae system and the Azuriach Nebula, raiding Cerberus shipments and attacking their new colonies there.

The final ship IS the Vesk ship and it’s a MONSTER measuring over 6km long. The Captain of the Vesk ship, the Tyrant, a Fortress ship, is so impressed with Captain Voitan that he commits his ship to helping the Heleus Alliance with the Kett. He wants something in return of course.

He wants Voitan to investigate the “Bone Fleet” of Dead Space, the Region largely destroyed by the passage of Galaxy M32 through Andromeda which began 5 million  the years ago and only ended about 250,000 years ago. His ship lacks a “Nimble” FTL system like that on the Tempest or the Blood Talon. He is willing to wait until after the Kett at Nol system are dealt with. The Vesk seem to like a good fight.

Ryder offers to escort their new contacts to the NEXUS But he must first get go to Meridian with Voitan for some Alliance Business. Since Meridian is in the SAAJOR system, just under 5 Lys from the SOLAMINAE system, Ryder promises to return in 19hours. The Tempest AND the Blood Talon make the 9 hour flight to Meridian.

Scene Four: MAY 20th2820: Saajor system

Port Hyperion, Meridain.

Captain Voitan, Dr. Ecurb and crew arrive at Charybdis Point. From their suits HUDs they ID Mallox, knowMeridian andmeet with Pathfinder Ryder.

As a reward for helping save the negotiations with the Vesk and the Vargr Ryder helps them each bind with their own “Remnant” synthetic using their Omn i tools.

Ryder then explains the need for him to escort the three ships from Solamiae system to the NEXUS. He also shares that a member of his crew has been kidnapped and as much as he wants to retrieve her, he needs to do this first.

This is what he knows, the ship that kidnapped her went to SHOJAON; The Kett Base system in this Heleus Cluster. The original fleet mission before the disaster at NALESH system was going to SHOJAON to destroy their Base and Fleet there. Good News is latest intelligence (The Turian Pathfinder has been scouting the NE Quadrant of Heleus) the System now seems deserted.

Ryder wants Voitan to go to SHOJAON, destroy the base and find his missing team mate Cora. The Base is in the orbit of the systems gas giant.

More interesting data: The Captain of the ACE ship  Phoenix SR2, named “D” told him their Leader, the “Illusive” wanted to talk to Cora, and that he had sent an envoy, EDE to meet with her at Port Hyperion.

There it seems the two of them were kidnapped at the same time. Commander D of ACE would like EDE back AND Cora to visit the capital colony of ACE to meet with the Illusive Leader. This maybe need to get both ACE and The Vargr Republic in a peace treaty with the Heleus Alliance and their support with the Kett.

One more thing, as soon as he gets these envoy ships to the NEXUS he will head up to SHOJOAN with the Tempest and the Vanker the Turian Pathfinder, Avitus Rix’s SR3. Rix may have a lead on the Rogue Quarian Pathfinder Telem Vas Reegar and his SR3 the Reegar.


Scene Five: MAY 24th2820: Shojaon system

The Blood Talon arrives in the Shojaon System.