VPs Gained Player Name Character Name Ships VS Player Name Character Name Ships VPs Gained
12 Jim Mead John Wallace HMS Royal George 100 gun Ship of the Line   Derik Jean-Claude-Jean-Alfonse-Jean-Peire-Jean-Baptiste- DE ' Jean Heroine 40gun Frigate 12
      HMS Blue 20gun Frigate

"STRUCK" due to damage

British maintained control of wrecked vessel

      Success 32gun Frigate

Captured by the British

              Atlanta  26gun Frigate  
Engagement:  An allied French and American Squadron attempt to lift the British blockade of Boston
Played: At Derik's house the evening of April 27th 2017
Out Come: The allied squadron was unable to displace the British blocking the approaches to Boston near Cap Cod. Two ships were lost on either side. Two allied ships ran the blockade delivering much needed supplies for General Washington's American Centennial Army. The battle was a considered a draw.

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