Battle of Klach D'Kel Brakt 


VPs Gained Player Name Ships VS Player Name Ships VPs Gained
  Romulan Fleet     Klingon Fleet    
    IRV KRC Actium     IKS D7m Kothols  
    3 KRB     2 D7m  
    36 WE     6 D7C2  
          12 D7A  
The Engagement:  

EARTH STAR DATE : March 27th 2274 

(Played December 21st  2019)



After the loss of the Tal Praenax's prototype T'liss class Bird-of Prey to the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) (TOS: "Balance of Terror"), the Romulan Senate erupted in an uproar out of the belief that they were falling behind technologically to both the Federation and the Klingon Empire. Senators were fearful that the rapid expansion of their neighbors will soon encroach on their territory. In the middle of a heated debate, a mysterious figure appears in front of them and explains that their panicking will lead to the fall of the Romulan Empire in the near future, unless they follow his guidance.

The senate was instructed to accept the Federation Nimbus III project and to form an alliance with the Klingons, in order to gain technological equal footing by exchanging decommissioned cloaking devices for D7 battle cruisers. The D7s were more than capable of powering the new cloaking devices, without losing warp power. This would be a significant tactical gain for the Empire as it would force the Federation into a stalemate as they reconsidered future territorial expansions near Romulan controlled space.

While the senators were skeptical, they agreed that the benefits was worth the small sacrifice to their pride. Praetor Colius was given a set of coordinates and informed that it was the location of a Klingon time traveler from the 24th century, who plans on delivering a serum to the Klingon home world, in order to cure the Klingon Augmentation Virus. But the serum could be intercepted and genetically engineered into a bio weapon that was capable of wiping out the Klingon species. Then Romulan forces could quietly annex Klingon territory in the guise of providing medical aid.

The virus was genetically engineered into a bio weapon at a hidden joint Sona’ Romulan research outpost on Klach D’keil Brakt (Klingon) Dumok’azen (Romulan) Tsi’s’du (Sona’). Section 31 of the UFP discovered the plot(Vulcan spies in the Romulan senate) and pasted the information onto the Klingons. The Klingon Chanceller was outraged and called upon three of the greatest warriors of the day (Kor, Kang and Koloth) to lead a Fleet of 21 D7s to Klach D’keil Brakt and “verify” the information. Kor, Kang and Koloth all had the new D7m Battlecruisers, while Captain Ki’TaQ lead a Squadron of D7C2s and the fleet was rounded out with 12 D7As. The Fleet was loaded with 10,000 Klingon warriors for ground combat. (Standard troop compliment on the D7 is 220, so the Klingon Battlecruisers were doubling as troop transports. General Kor was in command.


The Battle:

The Klingons arrived to discover the Romulans had a fleet of 36 War Eagles, and 3 KRBs Lead by a KRC (the KRB & KRC are Romulan upgraded surplus Klingon D7s). Along with the ships there are also space mine fields set up around the planet.

Things looked bad at first BUT Kor had the element of surprise, along with the fact that 9 of his own ships had Cloaking devices. Kor had KiTaQ scout out the entrances to the mine fields in his D7C before the attack which he did without being detected. The unsuspecting Romulans were caught off guard and underestimated the Klingons. Although many ships were damaged and Kor’s own ship; the D7m  IKS Klothos was crippled in the space battle over the planet, only two of the older D7s were actually destroyed. The Romluans Lost 22 ships and The Romulan Admiral, unnerved by the fact that the Klingons were using cloaked ships against him ordered the remaining ships to flee, abandoning the Romulan/Sona’ base.

General Kor landed with 8965 Klingon warriors that had survived the space battle. The Science complex was defended by 50,000 Romulan legionaries. Kor skillfully used but Space(D7s) and ground artillery(photon mortars) to win the ground battle as well.

For this Kor was elevated to Dahar Master.

After the Battle:

Learning the truth behind the Romulan plot to destroy the Klingon people, Chancellor Lorak convened

the Klingon High Council and ended the 7 year old alliance with the Romulans . This was replaced by a “Hot Peace”.