Best Served Cold 


CREW ROUSER (By Berths):

CAPTAINS CABIN : Captain Voitan

(Now officially part of the NEXUS APEX: Commodore of Fleets)

OFFICERS CABIN ONE: Dr. Rennab Ecurb & Volus Assistant E-Gor-O-Vich

OFFICERS CABIN TWO: Julli Bowman Human Navigator

OFFICERS CABIN THREE: Blasto (acting publicity Officer) and Quoyle (His Bat Man)

OFFICERS CABIN FOUR: Turian Engineers (2)

OFFICERS CABIN FIVE: Turian Engineers (2)

OFFICERS CABIN SIX: Turian Engineers (2)

Crew Beths: 20 (Various races, half are Turian)

Cargo Bay One/APEX Barrack : 35 APEX Troopers (Level 7) including one Elcor Heavy Weapons specialist.

Cargo Bay Two: Dr. Rennab Ecurb & Volus Assistant E-Gor-O-Vich and their Faber Lab

Cargo Bay Three:(Mech Bay) 6 HYDRA Mechs

Shuttle Bay One (Cargo Bay Four): Voitan's Nomad & Stretch Ai SH3 Shuttle

Computer Core : empty Geth recharging station




TOTAL EXP SO FAR during the 3rd Campaign :

PLAYER CHARACTERS: 167,071  (LEVEL 12) + 19,200 = 186,271

BLASTO :  1,756,477 (LEVEL 19)


Aleena (Blood Talon APEX TEAM) 35,107 + 19,200= 54,307


Julli Bowman:  33,857 (LEVEL 7)

The Rest of the crew

 30,657 (LEVEL 7)

 34 APEX Troopers (Level 7) KIA. 3 HYDRA Mechs destroyed.

Current cash reserve:  177,895Cr (MWG) & 3 Angaran Crystals

Current PARAGON Points: 62 - 3 +35  = 94

Current RENEGADE Points: 44 - 1  = 43








07/09/2020: BEST SERVED COLD

Chapter 13

Opening Scene: July 5th 2820: VOELD ORBIT

12 hours after the Space Battle of NOL, the ALLAINCE Ground forces spearheaded by APEX and lead by General Kandros prepares to take down the Cathedral Force Field.

The Objectives:

1. Assault and remove the Kett from the Cathedral, and save as many Angaran prisoners as possible.

2. Assure that the “Alien” life forms discovered on PAS-48 are exterminated if present..

3. Destroy the Cathedral so it can never be used again.

Scene One: July 5th 2820:  NSS Blood Talon

Fleet Commander Voitan is in the shuttle bay preparing to depart for the surface to lead an 11 APEX Trooper unit including 5 Hydras to the surface to help bring down the Force Field around the Cathedral when Navigator Bowman comes down to the shuttle bay with both a victory present and some disturbing news. The Present is a large cooler filled with rather highly sought after Kadara Exile Ale. She tells Voitan, “Drink the Ale if the mission is a success, you didn’t get a chance to celebrate your victory up here. Use the cooler if things go bad, REALLY BAD. It’s an N7 special ops model, you should be able to find the manual I forwarded to your Power Armor’s VI. It should explain the rest.”

“The disturbing news is the 24 Trooper APEX team with the Hydra you sent to Taerve Uni is now 2 hours overdue on their hourly check ins. Their Survey of the Colony found nothing. Captain Blake and her skeleton crew just disappeared. The Kowloon freighters came and took their shipment of ICE cubes and started their way back to the NEXUS.”

Kandros forces begin their assault on the  Cathedral

3760 APEX Troopers + 19 Hydras

1000 Exile Rangers + 50 Hydras

6000 Angaran Resistance Militia

240 Vargr Space Marines




 Scene Two: The Cathedral

Casualties from the Cathedral

Alliance Unit Un harmed Injured Crippled Dead
APEX Troopers 1505 250 250  1705
APEX Hydras 5 2 2 10
Exile Rangers 476 160 32 332
Exile Hydras 16 6 6 22
Angaran Resistance Militia


1750 1750 2000
Vargr Space Marines 116 8  8 108

Captured and Dead Kett forcese Cathedra

Kett Force Unit Captured DEAD
Chosens 50 9400


0 2000


5 495


5 245


1 71


Scene Three: Cathedral Destroyed

Voitan and his crew rupture the "Core Tap" and the Cathedral is engulfed in lava.

Over 20,000 Angaran prisoners are saved.

Scene Four: Taerve Uni investigated

Voitan investigates Taerve Uni and finds that his APEX troops sent there were killed by

Xenomorphs along with Captain Blake's skeleton crew. Captain Blake is saved and so is one Hydra Mech.

The all but one (the One with a QEC) of the Kowloon Freighters that picked up the water are found derelict in space.

Scene Five: Return to the NEXUS

Viotan and the Blood Talon return to the NEXUS to pick up more APEX Troops. Voitan decides what to do next.




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