This Broken Earth campaign uses Pathfinder as its main rule set along with some others rules graphed on. The campaign set in Australia. I'm taking allot material from allot of sources.

SANITY will be imported into the game from CoC D20.  All Characters will start as US NASA Astronauts.


Its 1985. President Ronald Reagan has declared that we will put a man on Mars by 1995. The NASA Space shuttle program which began active space launches in 1981 now has four shuttles with a fifth on the way and is now conducting launches every two weeks. The first step in the Mars program is Space Station "FREEDOM" which is on schedule to begin construction next year with its completion by  1988.  Construction on the Aries Mars ship would begin in 1989 and would be ready for Its launch to Mars in 1992.


The players are US NASA Astronauts being sent to Sydney Australia to test a new "Suspended Animation" experiment being conducted at the University of Sydney. The Astronauts will be suspended for 5 years, nearly twice as long as would be needed for a one way mission to Mars to thoroughly test the system. The Astronauts will still be awakened in time to be updated and retrained with the new equipment they will need for the scheduled mission to Mars in 1992. If all goes well this new procedure will make exploration of not only Mars but in the next 20 years the outer planets of the solar system as well. Perhaps even beyond...