This Broken Earth campaign uses Pathfinder as its main rule set along with some others rules graphed on.

SANITY will be imported into the game from CoC D20.  Starting (Maximum)  Sanity is Wisdom x 5

These Characters are available to players starting the campaign AFTER the group has left SYDNEY UNIVERSITY

OR  as an Option for players who's US NASA Astronauts have been killed.

All new characters will start at Level 10. (With the Exception of Ghouls who will start at Level 7)

CHARACTER RACES: Freaks, Ghouls, Half Life's, & Humans

Freaks & Humans

Half Life's

Very similar to Freaks, these mutations are cursed to burn twice as bright BUT half as long.

The difference between Half Life's and Freaks are as follows:

Physical Description: While Normal Freaks tend to be on the the stocky side, Half Life's trend to the skinny.

Their skin tends to be very pallid, no matter what the original racial background.

Racial Traits:

+4 to THREE Ability scores, players choice. No scores may exceed 18.

Anemic (damaged bone marrow) :  Adult Character needs a blood transfusion very 30 days or will have all stats halved for the next 1-20 days

REMOVE Freak Traits; Healthy and Thick Skinned

Maximum Life Span: 15 + 1D20 years



The virus "Skippy; the Captain of Trips, Scourge of God, and Reanimator", didn't turn all of its victims into mindless zombie viral death spawn. Some victims kept their heads (both literally and figuratively).  These creatures are my take on the "Fall Out" series ghouls.

Physical Description: You were originally human. Now your a re-animated corpse with a hunger for raw meat.

Their skin tends to be very pallid and rubbery. They have No hair, nose or lips .

Racial Traits:

Starting level in this campaign for a player Ghoul is Level 7. They can level in other class as the campaign progresses.

Starting Ability Score Adjustments: +2 Dex, +2 Wis, Cha: 3 Con:N.A.(your undead) Ghouls are more agile than their living human cousins.

Dark Vision :  Character does better in low light conditions. -2 for all daylight Dex based DCs. Can see out to 60 feet in darkness. Good sunglass will drop this to -1. Night or wielding goggles will negate this defect.

Immune to Disease: Most micro organisms die on contact with you. Your digestive system is HIGHLY acidic and the few scientists left are not sure how it works.

Near Total Radiation Resistance: Similar to freaks. Only Radiation that would incinerate you will have an effect.

Maximum Life Span: Undead and Loving it! (Or you better be!) Ghouls don't seem to age. Barring battle damage you might be around for awhile.

Racial Skills: Balance, Climb, Hide, Jump, Move silently, Perception


CHARACTER CLASSES: Road Warrior & Salvager

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