Welcome to January 7th 2015. C3PO here says you came from the very 1st stasis chambers loaded back in 1985.    A lot has happened since then. I came online in 1990. By then the world was already more than six months into a war that would be civilization's death throws. My data files were damaged in the conflict, so I don't know all the details. I don't even know my or my robotic servants origins. All I know is that we became fully operational in 1990 and we were tasked with the defense and maintenance of the University. The War may have been what unleashed the virus or viruses, OR maybe the viruses were the cause of the war. Maybe it was an uprising in a square in Beijing, A war over Oil in the Middle East, OR an uprising in the Warsaw Pact nations in Eastern Europe. I just don't know.

What I do know is one of the viruses unleashed originally dubbed "Skippy the Super Flu", then later renamed  "Captain Trips", then "The Scourge of God" and finally "The Re-Animator" because the victims would re-animate as "Viral Death Spawn" 28 days later if their bodies were not destroyed in time.

By that time the last large Contagious Disease Research center still in operation was the facilities at the University of Sydney Australia. Using the data they had received from the CDCs at Atlanta and Paris before they were destroyed the Australians announced that they had made progress and were close to a cure. That was a mistake. At this point the world's remaining armies were too busy re-killing the re-animated to kill each other. Even with all this going on, what was left of the Soviet command structure decided they wanted to secure this cure for them selves.

 The Russians scraped up a little over 200,000 troops including air mobile and marine assets and sent them down to Australia. Roughly half of the troops were women, so it could be surmised that what was left of the Supreme Soviet considered it a one way trip.

The University of Sydney survived the riots by the desperate mobs demanding a cure. It survived the Russian assaults and waves of  roving  Viral Death Spawns, and the researchers worked all the way to the end. By 1991 the World population had dropped from 5 billion to under 100 million. After a mutiny by the some of the surviving human guards and staff, the colonel  decided the University could not be maintained by human staff, but was too valuable to be destroyed. So he left me in charge of the automated defenses and left to form the "Enclave" in a more defendable position north of the city.

I am tasked with defending this University until 2095 at which time I will be relieved. Unfortunately the Nuclear Reactor fuel cells I currently have will only last until 2025 even at my current reduced power level. Luckily there is a possible replacement fuel core or two in the Sydney area. If you would retrieve them for me I would be very grateful.